Curse of the Blooming Lotus (WIP)

Great so far and I look forward to reading more. Will we be able to reclaim the thrown from our cousin? My one recommendation is to make the choices affect the text more, as some decisions do not alter much. Other than that, it is fantastic.


Thank goodness we don’t have to have four distinct names per character. :sweat_smile:

I can follow reading a novel that uses that particular cultural quirk, but only after getting used to who is who. :rofl:

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i cried.

that was such a journey to read. i had to bury my face on my pillow cause i couldnt stop the tears. that cliffhanger is evil. gods, the emperor is too sweet, i was honestly expecting him to be stoic and cruel but gods, that was cruel making him so gentle and sweet. i can already see that i would cry so much more the longer the story goes on. cant wait for more!


I got to say Your Story made cry it good read but damn you do a good job making me feel emotion but it’s made character with the choices I made


Omg this was so emotional and nice i loved it it was beautiful I hope you don’t abandon this project author its really good


Aye! I love east-asian stories!
This made me cry, no doubt. Especially at the part where the MC was forced to kill the emperor. ;-;


This is great! However for the prologue, I noticed the Chinese was 龙飞凤舞, which is simplified Chinese. But during the entirety of Chinese history up until 1949 traditional Chinese was used. So wouldn’t it be
龍飛鳳舞 instead?


These should be fixed now thanks!

Yes, that part was intentional because the MC was in disguise lmao.

Thanks to everyone who played the demo, I’m grateful for all the positive messages!! I definitely didn’t expect people to cry at some part omg. I’m so sorry but not really. Love you all :slight_smile:


:joy: probably true

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Like it was stated above. The story does not strive for historical accuracy.
Maybe it got also a little to do with possible translators? There are not a lot of people who can speak even simplified chinese and I think most translators are for simplified Chinese?

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It certainly will take a while to remember chinese names…

As for the story: liked so far, thought I found it strange that that we are able to win in fight against our tutor (If we select fighting as our focus). Like we are still a child. It just rises a question as how competent he is?

The same issue with that other guy in silver armor (sorry, chinese names are hard) - like he is 15 and already in his status. His quick rise from foot soldier is certainly strange no matter how clever he is.

Oh! And I really glad there are options to be not so emotional over things

On the side note: shame about the Fifth horsman. Hope it will resurrect just like our Fear) (if he really was dead, I dont remember that for certain)


That is not to unusual if a person made it in battle they could be promoted on merrit. Also depending on the time period 15 was the prime of life. U know because war and sickness would reep people quiet early



The name of the rude noble you meet during the festival -Wu Huarou (五花肉)- means pork belly in Chinese lmfao


Well, yeah, that makes sense, but my imagination keeps showing me lots of older man and a schooler as their commander in heavy armor (with a armored horse near) and I go like :joy:




After we kill the Emporer and meet the general why can’t we tell him we were being controlled and warn him of the puppeteer? As far as I am aware we are not being controlled at that point and it seems the logical thing to say?


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At that time the only thing the heir could think of was that they were the only person in the room with the emperor when he died and were in a panic for their safety because well, the emperor is dead and they in the room with his dead body covered in his blood.

So they were kind of stressed trying to get them to believe they’re innocent lol.


I know at this point I am just repeating what has already been said, but you’re are amazing at drawing emotions out of the reader. I am really looking forward to seeing the story progress.


Welcome back! I am sorry about your other WIP but this is just as good as the fifth horseman. I am looking forward to new updates.


Love it, can’t wait fot more :heart_eyes:

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