[CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.3 Now Available — 05/09/2022)

Yup, they’re showing again when I turn line wrap off. I didn’t even notice it was changed. I liked the vertical bars better. But I guess I’m used to not having visible indentations now anyway. :grin:

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Originally only tabs supported visible indentation, so I re-wrote it to support both spaces and tabs - hence quite a few changes (and any bugs?). No promises… but I can maybe take a look at adding a horizontal/vertical toggle in.


Being someone with literally zero coding knowledge I really appreciate what you guys have done with CSIDE so far.

The questions I have are simple, I think…
1st. Does the Web version have all the features that the PC version has?
2nd. Is it possible to download the pc version to an external storage and run it from there, or would that somehow impact its performance?

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Online/Dropbox version, Mac, Firefox, current versions:

I’m not able to create a new project; it looks like creation is going well (a little window pops up for me to create the file), but once I’ve typed in a name and hit create, nothing happens. No corresponding folder is created in my Dropbox, either.

Also, a few of the people in the Discord chat mentioned the title entry box would give them the error ‘Invalid Name’ or do nothing, in both Firefox and Chrome.

I’ve put it up on Github as well here.

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Thanks for logging that to Github. This has happened before. It’s a reoccurring issue since I swapped over to Dropbox’s v2 API. I’ll take a look as soon as I can, but I think the long term solution is going to be an axe to DB and swapping it out for a backend to dashingdon.com.

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Just created a dropbox account(and a folder ) to use the web version of CSIDE on Firefox, but no matter how many times I try, it wont let me start a new project.
I get to “Name of Project?” type in the name, click ok, and nothing happens.

Am i doing something wrong?

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No, you’re not. Sorry. As mentioned above this is a reoccuring issue with the new Dropbox API. I will look into it when I can, but I’ve worked around this before and it keeps creeping back in. Long term I’m going to have to move everything over to dashingdon instead. I’ve had enough of Dropbox’s new api.

Oh… That’s fair enough then, I must have skipped past that post. Sorry about that :sweat_smile:
Looks like I won’t be writing a choicescript game anytime soon, since I can’t get a hold of a computer on a regular basis :thinking: :smirk:

What are you working from? A phone? Even the online version doesn’t support phones properly at present. I will aim to “fix” this asap, as it’s a critical a issue. It’s just a bad (personal) week for it to haved landed on, so my apologies if it takes a couple of days.

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I’m sorry I also neglected to answer your early questions:

  • the large missing feature in the web is the automated tests. These are missing for performance reasons. It’s simply too slow to do over most connections.

  • You could in theory run CSIDE from a USB stick, but I wouldn’t recommend (or support) it.

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Nope, I used a Samsung tablet. My phone screen is way too small for that.
Seriously it’s fine, there’s really no need to rush! Please make sure that you’re OK, that’s the most important :relaxed:


@Fiogan @JamzIsMe
I pushed a hot fix to the web version. Should be working now, thanks for your patience.


Thanks for the quick response

I don’t have anything to really say here. I just got off my butt and changed from Notepad++ to CSIDE and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner. You’ve got a good thing here, @CJW!


Thanks so much! I’ll try it out in a bit :blush:

That’s always worth hearing! Glad you’re enjoying :slight_smile:

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Well, I finished two games without ever touching CSIDE. I am afraid of change, much like many other middle-aged white guys.

So today I download CSIDE to see what all the fuss is about. Holy crap, I was rubbing sticks together before. Sticks! I was literally rubbing sticks!


I was wondering if there is a way to make colourful stats like @kgold has done in his game Choice of Magics


Glad to hear you like it @Eric_Moser. Please don’t hesitate to come back with any comments or suggestions. :slight_smile:

You don’t have (easy) access to the CS source distributed with CSIDE, so such a modification is not really possible. We’ve placed a heavy emphasis on promoting standard CS development thus far. This might change in the future, but mod support is limited for the time being.


Hi all, I am wondering if I could get a second (or third, fourth…!) opinion on the following issue:

At the moment CSIDE retains achievement data, and it’s very hard to get rid of it. Now I could purge it on every re-run of a project, but I believe this would prove to be equally annoying for people wanting to test *check_achieve(etc.) situations. If I am not wrong then this means that we need to provide a way to manually clear the data when, and only when, the user wants to. I am wondering if anyone has a strong opinion/good suggestion about how this functionality might best be presented/achieved?

My idea so far is another button atop the game itself (that’s where I think it makes most sense, if we’re making it per project (which I think is best!)). That said, I know it’s already getting a bit cluttered up there.