Is there any way to reset achievements?

Hi there. I just started using ChoiceScript and CSIDE (that’s a really nice IDE btw) on Windows 10.

I started playing around with achievements not realising they would be quite so persistent. Testing achievements is going to be a chore with some of them already permanently marked as obtained. They’re obviously stored somewhere but I’ve had no luck finding them yet. I’ve tried looking in all the usual places (%appdata% etc,) I’ve cleared the browsers cookies and caches and everything else. They really are annoyingly persistent!

Is there any way to reset them that I’ve missed? I think such an option would be really useful for testing purposes.

Thanks :wink:

Achievements that are seen in game show up every time you achieve their requirements right after it happens, this is regardless of whether or not they have been obtained prior. If I recall correctly this works with both steam and android versions.(Don’t have any apple products so can’t say.)

If it’s steam achievements I have no idea what to tell you. There might be help on the steam forums for that though.

I’m afraid you have to restart the game each time you want to reset the achievements.

Btw, have you tried creating (and using) the local-alpha-testing system?

Hmm, yeah. That means I’d have to disable some of the functionality. I check for them having already been awarded to avoid awarding them again. So in order to test, I’d have to change the code then change it back again later and hope nothing broke. I suppose that’s possible but it’s not ideal. It’s not a Steam thing, I don’t have Steam loaded. it’s just sitting on a Windows system. Must be something local somewhere that can be deleted. I’ll keep looking! Thanks for the reply :wink:

Thanks for the reply Szaal. The problem is that, on my Windows system at least, restarting the game doesn’t reset the achievements. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any way to do so. I’ll look into that local alpha testing.

Hmm, that’s odd.
Did you tested the game from, or from the index.html/compile.html file from your computer?

Try opening it in a private window? Might work?

If you’re testing it in CSIDE, I think that running the game again—just click the right arrow up where it says ‘scenes’ on your current project—should reset your achievement progress, although maybe @CJW can confirm.

Thanks everyone. You got me on the right track.

This seems to be a CSIDE issue. Running the game again, restarting the game, killing the IDE and restarting it, nothing will get rid of those achievements. I even tried renaming them, they disappeared then but renaming them back again resulted in them reappearing - they’re being permanently stored somewhere.

Running the compiled index.html is a completely different affair though. Restarting the game clears them there.


Found it. CSIDE stores them in a log file buried deep under %appdata%/local.
In my case it was in “AppData\Local\CSIDE\User Data\Default\Local App Settings\cjcbcbmmjaainnefhofkhlogdgoodocn” I had to sandbox the program to see where it was writing to find that!


Seems like a bug/oversight in CSIDE. I’ve filed it on Github, and should have it fixed in for the next update:


Thankyou :slight_smile:

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