Crystalline (Visual Novel) - Kickstarter

A choice-driven, fantasy adventure visual novel featuring full voice-over and an intricate romance system!
From the creators of Ace Academy a new VN is on Kickstarter now. If you like VN’s then please take a look and consider a pledge to make this game a reality.


Is this your game? Or just a game you’ve discovered on Kickstarter?

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is it free? I am confused, like normal.

I discovered it on Kickstarter. Shoudn’t I promote it if it isn’t my game?

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Only the demo is free. Kickstarter is kind of a crowdfunding. If people like it and want it to happen, they donate money. If the goal is reached the product will be made. (If the company is legit). This company has had a succesful Kickstart and made the game, so I’m 95% sure they are legit.

In short: No is isn’t free


Nah it’s good. It’s interactive fiction, and I’m all in favour of supporting the IF community.

I had some questions but since you’re not the author you won’t be able to answer them, that’s all.

Have you played ACE Academy? Have you played the demo of Crystalline? What’s it like?

Aww dammit, why must Visual Novel projects that sound interesting to me almost always esclusively feature a male protagonist? :confused: I like the sound of the project itself, but it’s nothing that I would buy since I only very, very rarely ever play Visual Novels where I cannot play a girl. That’s different with other types of games, though. I do like the art style that they use, though.

Phew, that’s a relief :relieved:. Yes I’ve played ACE, that’s why I’m promoting it here. And also yes for the demo.

The demo is quite long for a demo, easy an hour of playtime. It does a good job to explain the world and plot. I lost the track of time while playing it, so that is a good thing if you have time to spare :smile:. There are a lot of small choices, but I’ve only done one playthrough, so I don’t know how they effect the story.

If you’re looking for a VN where you’re playing as a girl, you might want to check out Seduce Me. Or 7 Kingdoms: The Princess Problem. 7KPP isn’t done yet, but it does have a free demo to play. So you can see if it’s something you like.

I notice it says it has romances. Is it heterosexual only?

I can’t say. The only other guy hasn’t shown me any interest in me through the Demo.

Hm, I’d only bite if it were a bisexual game. Of the five characters shown other than the protagonist, the guy is the cutest. One of the girls is really young, and one of the others is a blue blob…