Crown of Mirrors - Play as the Mirror Shard, the chosen one!


Hello, it’s me again!! ^^

My name’s Matheus, but y’all can call me Matt and I go by he/him. Some of you might recognize me from my other WIP, The Abyssal. I actually started working on CoM at the same time I came up with the idea for The Abyssal, but only recently this project grabbed my attention, again.

The Abyssal it’s still being worked on, and it will continue to be my main project, so rest easy haha.

Now, let’s get on with story, shall we?

Crown Of Mirrors is an interactive high-fantasy story where you get to choose how your own adventure unfolds. The story is set in a medieval and dystopian world where several magical and non-magical races populate the sphere of men, also known as the world of men or Ada. You are a powerful magic wielder bound by a prophecy with no chance of a happy ending.

General content warnings: Injury to major characters, gore, body horror, trauma and PTSD, death and explicit sexual content. More specific content warnings will be provided at the start of each chapter.

This version: General prologue + Human prologue = 30,000 words.
Next: Elf prologue.

Demo Link: DEMO


For over a thousand years the three main races of the world of Ada have battled against each other over the control of reality itself. The merging of the celestial spheres happened more then millennia ago, an apocalyptic event that fused the world of men with the magical races of the elves, the monsters and the three races of Ternus.

The prophesied rebirth of the Mirror Shard is whispered among few, no one dares to bring it up the events that let to the signing of the luminous concordat, and yet, this mysterious individual may be the world’s only hope, again—or the cause for its eventual destruction.

You assume the role of a Royal Mage, one talented enough to be assigned to the Emperor/Empress themselves. Considered by many the most powerful magic wielder in the world, you are feared across the continents, you answer only to the ruler of Hoasir and their wishes are the clay you shall mold into a masterpiece.

Don the crown of mirrors, but beware for the burden is heavy and its shards piercing.

  • Play as male, female, or non-gender specific, along with transgender choices;

  • Customize your appearance, race, background, personality;

  • Romance any of seven different gender-selectable love interests, featuring three distinct poly routes;

  • Choose one of five magical specialties, they are divided in five major Schools of Magic—Elementari, Vectorix, Witherblossom, Shadowbright and Mirage;

  • Pick between five magical races, each with entirely unique backgrounds and different obstacles for you to surpass—Human, Half-ork, Elf, Duwende and Giant;

  • The gift of magic is followed by a terrible bane, struggle against the shackles of madness trying to take hold of your psyche, find out who is behind the mysterious voice that caused your tragic awakening;

  • Save the Emperor/Empress and their empire from certain doom, or don the crown of mirrors, accepting your true calling and bend the spheres to your will.


This is where all the knowledge about the world of Ada will be stored in, it can be accessed at any given moment by clicking “show stats” and then “general codex”. It will be progressively updated as you interact with other characters and the world around you.

Magical Races

As stated above, the player will be able to choose one of five races. This races are: Human, Half-ork, Elf, Duwende and Giant.

Human: The most populous and culturally diverse race on Ada. Humans can be found in pretty much every continent and are distinctly resilient and adaptable to almost any type of environment. Upon their creation they were quickly to settle on the two largest continents known at the time, Alma—the imperial seat of power—and Aiya, dominated by an obvious oppressive ruling elite.

Humans are the original inhabitants of Ada, where, since the merging of the celestial spheres, have lived among the other races in relative peace, that is, aside from a period of great conflict dubbed the Luminous War that happened just after the merging and lasted for fifty years.

Elf: The ethereal elves are a magical race that inadvertently invaded the world of men together with the race of monsters. They originate from Sylabel, a fantastical world ruled by magic and spiritual sources. Their “invasion” of the world on men was not intentional and it wrecked havoc on their seemingly utopian society, until extraordinary individuals took control of the situation, they became known as the Elf-Lords.

The elves are a distinctively magical and pious race, believing in the notion that the gods granted them the task of bringing balance and peace to the world of men.

Half-ork: Half-orks are the result of the mating between orks and humans. Belonging to the race of monsters, they are shunned by most races—particularly the elves—for their uncivilized ways and innate destructive nature. Half-orks retain traces of their inhuman ancestry, like enhanced physical power, while also inheriting the agility of humans which makes them formidable opponents in a fight.

The existence of half-orks alone are a peculiar fact that most don’t like to dwell on, especially the humans, for obvious reasons. As many other half-bloods, half-orks merge the nature of both their ancestral lineages into a single being.

Duwende: Also known as “Gilded Demons” by their neighbors and the majority of the other races. The Duwende race is far-famed by their reclusive nature, choosing to make their home deep underground under the sands of the Sunspear Desert.

They originate from Ternus, a multilayered planet—like the earth— comprised of three habitable layers in which three distinct races coexisted in peace: the surface-world, median and the world-below. The Duwende survived and flourished in the innermost ring, known as the world-below.

Their nickname, “Gilded Demons”, isn’t just the result of bigotry by their neighbors and the other races. Tales were spread that they are only seen wandering the sand dunes at night, under a clear sky and bitter temperatures. Their bodies are completely covered in golden plated clothes, eyes that shine through the darkness like two gem stones and the most impressive feature of them all, a pair of gilded horns.

Giant: Also known as Valirians by the other races, since they’ve chosen the continent of Valiria as their new home upon their arrival in the world of men.

Like the Duwende they originate from Ternus. The Valirians survived and flourished in the outermost ring, known as the surface-world, above the two innermost rings. They coexisted with the underground dwellers known as the Duwende, and the Kindred, a race of bestial creatures.

They are commonly the targets of many myths and biased misconceptions in which they are portrayed as devourers of children, and vile creatures that could rip the head of a full grown human using only their little finger. Although they can reach impressive heights and are generally stronger than humans, they are far away from being the monsters depicted in horror stories told by parents to scare their children.

Non-playable races:

The Kindred: The kindred, like the Duwende and the Giants, originate from “Ternus”. They are an animal-base race that survived and flourished in Ternus’ middle ring that was covered by tropical forests and all kinds of complex ecosystems. The Kindred total number can be compared to the their distant cousins, but thanks to their nomadic lifestyle some might think their numbers are slowly dwindling.

Among all the other races they are the ones whom better integrated themselves among the human race, and in some cities they can even be found thriving and forming tight bonds with their neighbors, like friendly relationships and even marriage.

Romance Options

There are seven ROs as of now, I might add one more—or two—in the future, but that’s a big maybe. All of them are gender-selectable and can be romanced by a MC of any gender and/or race. Depending on your race though, you might experience some challenges when trying to romance certain characters, so good luck :wink:

At the moment I’ve planned two poly routes—not counting the Sun and Mun route which is a V type polyamory—they are: Dandelion x Ulysses/Ulyssa, and Kassian/Kalliope x Ulysses/Ulyssa.

Maëdhredonor / a “leaf-licker”
Race: Elf

Maëdhredonor/a, or simply Maë, is well known not only across Elsyum, the land of the elves, but the entire world of Ada for their role during the merging of the celestial spheres. As all elves go they tend to be quiet arrogant and spiteful of other races, particularly the race of monsters.

Also extremely notable for their title, Lord/Lady of the Shimmering Waters, Maë is solely responsible for the well-being of everyone residing in the ethereal city of Maia Galadon. They have long gray hair, deep blue eyes, and among the elves they are considered to be one of the tallest, standing at 6’2’’.

If you choose the Elf path you will be able to meet Maë early on.

Nassir / Nassira “keeper of the mirror shard”
Race: Duwende

The first to be granted the title of “Keeper of the Mirror Shard”, Nassir/Nassira have trained their whole life, shaping their body through endless training sessions until they became a living weapon—shield—for the sole purpose of safeguarding Ada’s only hope of salvation, you.

The Keeper, for the most part, remains a distant but reliable shadow that you can always count on. Their devotion comes with great respect towards everything you do, your safety is not only the most essential part of their life but the reason why the world keeps spinning.

They stand taller than most humans, with deep black skin, bright amber colored eyes and horns wrapped in gold veins.

If you choose the Duwende path you will be able to meet them early on.

Emperor Ulysses / Empress Ulyssa “child of the gods”
Race: Human

The de facto ruler of the continent of Alma, also known as the main continent of Ada. Legends say the blood of the ancient gods runs through their veins, if this is actually true or not remains to be seen. You could actually run some tests to confirm their divine ancestry, but would the world of men be ready for the results?

After their mothers were struck with a terrible kind of bane curse the empire fell into despair, the fear of magic grew once again, fed by the death of the Empress and the terrible fate set upon her wife. Faced with impossible odds the child of the gods then rose to power, will you help them douse the fire of fear forever?

They have the classical appearance of those born in the royal family, violet eyes that glint like two amethysts, and pale silver-gold hair.

Sun and Mun “traitors of the blood”
Race: Half-human half-ork

Half-ork twins who were sentenced to die for crimes they may or may not have committed in their homeland, the monstrous continent of Mun-Dol. Fortunately for them they were able to escape the unforgiving clutches of death thanks to divine intervention—if that is what truly went on remains to be seen.

For some time now they were left with only one option, to live among humans. With their monstrous appearance, light green skin, superior height and tusks slightly smaller than their full-ork ancestors, they are sure to attract the attention of their neighbors by their outlandish looks and odd behavior.

If you choose the half-ork path you will be able to meet them early on.

Knight / Dame Commander Dandelion “the lion’s teeth”
Race: Kindred

As Hoasir’s army leader, they are responsible for all the kingdom’s divisions and troops. Dandelion rose through the ranks of the army during a period of intense conflict between the kingdoms of Alma and the Free Cities of Aiya. Exploiting this time of unrest, they’ve earned the complete loyalty of their men through fantastical displays of bravery and aspiring devotion to their homeland.

Their distrust and fierce animosity towards mages are notorious as it is well-founded, and they won’t hold back on their criticism of your role as a Royal Mage. With arms the size of tree trunks, many suspect they carry ork blood through their veins, a possibility which is quickly dismissed by their skin that is covered in fur and the thick mane of flaming red hair that sets them as a member of the race known as the Kindred.

If you choose the human path you will be able to meet them early on.

Kassian / Kalliope “the slave”
Race: Human

The first slave to be gifted to the Emperor/Empress of Hoasir as one of many olive branches by the Matriarch, and Slave Master, of Lysorno, the Emerald City. Being in servitude from the moment they were born, and harboring a tragic past—like most of the slaves enduring life long servitude in the free cities—they were trained and punished accordingly to their ancestry alone, in a cruel attempt to draw the primal need for defiance out and instill unwavering obedience.

Their kind yet defiant demeanor is a clear example of the sort of monstrosity humans are capable of specially to one of their own. They have a well built, muscular body, bronze skin ravaged by endless hours under the unforgiving sun and merciless whippings. With dark-brown curls cut just above the ears, and the mellow glint on their coffee-colored eyes, their ancestry are distinctly Aiyan.

Free them from the chains of servitude.


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Enjoy! <3


You’re back! :heart_eyes:

I remember waiting in excitement for The Abyssal when you began sharing on Patreon the premise for this one. From then on, I was waiting in excitement for either one for the next big reveal!


I love Abyssal!! Hoping this will be fantastic as well


It’s good so far. After choosing one magic, are we gonna be stuck using only that magic or can we be able to use another? And isn’t there going to be a stat to regulate how weak or strong magic is?

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Awww why can’t we play as the animal race :cry:


That was fun.

Just a couple pronoun errors I saw both at the bottom of the pics. I know it way early but I figured I’d throw them out there for you.

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It kept getting stuck in a loop after choosing your power (Elementari)


I haven’t read the demo yet, but I absolutely LOVE the idea, and all the RO’s. I’m going to check it out late

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The darkness once again thing keeps looping


Even though I know it’s just the prologue I can tell that this will be just as great as your other if and I can’t wait to read more of it. As for feedback I guess I’m having the same problems everyone else on this forum is having with the loop at the end.


I’ll take a look after I get home today!! Thanks for pointing it out :relaxed:


For right now I’m thinking on locking the use of the magic you choose at the beginning, but as the story progresses and the character gets more knowledgeable they will eventually be able to tap into other magic specialties. :wink:


lore question time!!!
Are there half giants or half elves?
And if they exist, are they frowned upon by the elves and the giants? (I mean maybe these questions will be solved in the demo but I haven’t played it yet, I like to ask lore things before playing :sweat_smile:)


I updated the game, it should be working now!!

Hii, half-giants are almost unheard of and is pretty widely believed that they are not a thing, mostly because the Giants are a very isolationist race, however, half-eyes are not exactly common but their numbers are lower than half-orks. The elves are known to accept half-elves into their ranks and cities with open arms, they are given the choice to receive the gift of immortality or to remain mortal. The gift of immortality is only possible thanks to their elven ancestry though.


…but they exist?

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Why do turture me so😭 lol. The animal race is my favorite race and I can’t even play as a half-kendred😭. That sucks that I can’t play as one😔. their hard to come by. for some reason the elf, dworf, ork, and halfling races gets used a lot leaving giants, demons, dragon, and beastial races so it’s cool to get a different veriaty. But why can’t I be a kindred😭? Love the wip so far😁


Read Dandelions description and was like sweet, then saw the fur and mane stuff. Can’t do half animal romance lol feels to weird, especially when I look over and see my cat just chilling next to me. Also them hating/disliking us for being a mage when its the only thing that saved us from their pos father rubs me the wrong way.

Also will we be able to hate being the royal mage and having to work for the Emperor/Empress?


Why Won’t it let you play as a elf also I really miss Abyssal

Pretty sure the current demon only has Human’s Prologue at the moment, and the next one is Elf’s prologue.

I also found A LOT of D’s pronounces mistake yesterday, has they been fixed?