Creating lists of items


I’ve been trying to make a list that will be triggered by commands in the story but each time the item is triggered in the story I receive the error message "non-existent variable ‘comma’. I don’t know how common this issue is so if you need me to post the problem code than I can do so. Also note that I used the code shown on the wiki to create the programming for the item list. Thank you for your time!


The short is you need to start by *creating the variables. Why don’t you start with my guide here, it’s a little more step by step than the official help pages.


Yes, I have created the variables beforehand. Now that I think about it the problem might be because I have two sets of variables, one set are boolean and the other is a string variable and I want whether or not the boolean variables are true or false to affect the content of the string variable.


I think it will be helpful if you post your problem code.


Got it.

*create notebook “empty”
*create book “not read”

*create nempty true
*create bempty true
*create nread false
*create b_read false
(This is in startup)

*label note

Notebook :

*if (nempty)
*set notebook “empty”
*if (nread)
*set notebook “written in”
*set comma true


*label bk


*if (bempty)
*set book “not read”
*if (bread)
*set book “Read”
*set comma true
(This is in choicescript_stats)


You need to *create comma false at the start of the game.


That worked. Wow, can’t believe that it was that simple! Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!