Creating a save game option within the code


I’m having trouble with figuring out to code a save game so that the save game and load game buttons on are useable. I tried the old widget recommended on the wiki, and tried the password version of the save game, but neither of those are what I need. My game is pushing 20,000 words as of chapter four, and speedruns are getting increasingly unwieldly with every updated chapter.

If anyone had suggestions, I could be very grateful.

-yours, Tobias


Have you enabled this in the details?
If you’re unfamiliar with it:


Step 1: Put this code below your *achievement lines at startup.txt (or below *create stats if you don’t have any achievements)

*sm_init FillThisPartWithARandomNameOfYourChoiceLiterally | NumberOfSaveSlots

Step2: Check the checkbox indicated by @N1GHTMAR3 above :point_up_2:t4:
You can do it via the [Game Details] menu.


Ah, thank you very much! Your suggestions were very helpful, and I will absolutely keep this in mind for when I code future games.


quick question when the game is published will an option for it still be available? I noticed games I have tried once they get published seemed to lack this feature.


If what you meant by this save system is @CJW’s saving plugin, then yes, the plugin will be removed post-publishing. This corresponds to CoG’s guidelines that, IIRC, don’t accept any kind of code modification to a published works (javascript modification).

However, when an author writes their own saving system inside their scene.txt, the save system will stay there.


Thanks that’s good to know.


The only similar system I can think of is a checkpoint one where you can save at a certain time and then go back to that checkpoint if you die/feel like it.