Creating a Party / Main character is group of people?


Hello! I’m very new to choicescript (and making games), but I couldn’t find any posts already about this.

Is there a way to make the main character a group of people, all with their own names and stats? I’d imagine the code would work similarly to this post about interacting supporting characters, but I’m not sure if Choicescript can handle tracking stats for more than one person?

It would be best if it could track stats for the group as well as individuals, so like, the group has x number of money, but each character has a specific strength or cunning stat.

Does anyone know how this could be done? Thank you!


Yes it can be done, and fairly easily. You just track it as you would anything else really. So if you have three characters, Alex, Bob, Cara, you’d just have different stats for all of them. So


and for group money you can set it up so it adds up the money stats of all the individual group members.

However I’d suggest learning choicescript first, getting better used to it.



It can be done. Keep in mind you may be thinking about it on a more complex scale.

A simple

*create my_money
*create bens_money
*create julies_money
*create nancys_money

*percent my_money
*percent bens_money
*percent julies_money
*percent nancys_money

And so on for all the stats of your characters. Though you may want to learn the basics and generals of codescript first. If you’re looking for more in depth or other clarifications let me know.

Edit: And late again =/


Thank you both! :slight_smile: I was worried about spending hours and hours getting waist deep into a script that wouldn’t be able to do what I wanted it to do. Knowing it’s possible is very encouraging, and once I learn more I’ll definitely try this out. Thank you!


The question isn’t “Can ChoiceScript handle stats for all the characters” (the answer is yes)
Questions are “Can I handle making all the stats for all the player’s characters, and keeping track of them” (if you’re really gonna do this I’d recommend 3 characters not more)
Last question being “Can players handle being different persons at different times?”

In Heavy Rain the player is multiple character and it is an amazing game, same with Farenheit. What these two have in common however is visual support: the player knows who they’re playing.

A way you could solve this is with the stat screen with an
"If player “Sarah”
[show Sarah’s short description, then show her stats]
If player “Josh”
[josh’s description, then josh’ stats]

And at the beginning of the game, maybe at the end of each chapter, put a reminder “You can go to the stats creen to see which character you are at the moment, as well as its statistic”

Edit: from my understanding you’re new to ChoiceScript, I recommend reading everything there is about it then practicing with very, very simple things (like a short scene with stats)