Cover Art! Is it necessary?

Hello, I am new to choice script and just started writing my first book. But I got discouraged. The reason might look somehow dumb to some people but it actually is because of the cover art. I did a little research to check how people make their cover art and saw that illustrators charge for the cover arts. Don’t know it anyone knows a cost-free way of making cover art-i can’t make one cos I ain’t an illustrator- or us the cover art really necessary can’t I just use one image off the internet

Because you would be making money off of it, you would need to have purchased a license to use the image. There are, of course, free images out there, but you’d have to be certain it was opensource.

There are options, such as fiver, that are very affordable. $5 gets you an image, custom-tailored to what you want…And you can’t always guarantee that with free images online.


@Jacic has put together a list of resources for folks who want to use pre-made images for their cover art, some of which are free to use


You need cover art if you intend to submit it to Hosted Games.


Thanks guys

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I recommend making it visually distinctive, too.