Couldn't extract another token - 's

I’m getting this error for multiple spots, but no idea what is causing it. Nothing ends with the -'s, which is what the error is specifying. This is just one spot that keeps getting caught

*selectable_if (not (subbreed = "Companion"))  #Agility Training
    (enter text here, nothing ends with "-'s")
    *goto nextlabel

I had that error when my game looped/went back and forth too often.

It’s pretty much CS flipping a table.

Edit: i assume the game comes back to that choice body?

Try using (hope i get the order right)

*hide_reuse *selectable_if ((x)) #option

Or *disable_reuse

On all options in the body

So if I play through, there is no issue. No looping, no stopping or crashing, plays just fine.

Still, you’ll have to pass random/quicktest to publish.
Better save than sorry

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Well I can pass the randomtest. Its the quicktest that’s catching this error

Sounds like it’s catching a “smart” apostrophe that’s doing the little curl rather than the straight apostrophe that’s just vertical.