Couldn't extract another token

This is line 97 *if firstquestionsreturn > 0 #No more questions
I’m going testing the game and get this:
line 97: Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token: #No more questions
What does the “couldn’t extract another token” mean?

I’m trying to create a conversation. Before you can skip it though, you need to ask at least one question. They will *set firstquestionsreturn +1.

Is it indentation? Because I’ve checked it at least a dozen times and if I have to fix it again I think I’ll go crazy. Please forgive a noob.

Can you post more of the lines surrounding the *choice (use < pre> above and < /pre> below the code to keep it’s indentation). I know I’ve seen it before, but I can’t remember what the “couldn’t extract another token” error was. Was the variable declared in mygame.js?

Try parentheses: *if (firstquestionsreturn > 0) #No more questions

Or put “#No more questions” on its own line, indented

I tried having it on its own line, that didn’t help. But the brackets did. Not sure why. But thanks. I am slowly learning :slight_smile:

The brackets define the “if condition” if you didn’t have them it might consider the ‘#No more questions’ as part of the condition, which would result in an error :slight_smile:
Glad to see it’s sorted though!