Confusing error message?

A reader sent me this screenshot with an error message:

But I’m not even sure what this error message means? The code it is talking about looks correct.

The code in question is this:
(Line 2914 is #Move to carriage nine.)

*label c10
*if time < 1
    *goto timesup
*set tec10 +1
[b]You are currently on carriage ten, first-class.[/b]

*if time > 1
    [b]There is ${time} minutes remaining until the Shinkansen arrives in Osaka.[/b]
*if time = 1
    [b]There is one minute remaining until the Shinkansen arrives in Osaka.[/b]

*if time = 54
    The Shinkansen shoots through Mikawa-Anjō station without stopping, the train's force knocking over the station attendant waiting on the platform.
*if time = 49
    The Shinkansen flies through Nagoya station without stopping. No one was waiting on the platform.
*if time = 25
    The Shinkansen shoots through Gifu-Hashima station without stopping. A man in a business suit yells at the train to stop, but he is left in the dust.
*if time = 15
    The Shinkansen flies through Kyōto station without stopping.
    "Better finish up Onryō-san! Next stop is Osaka!" Kage tells you.
*if tec10 = 1
    *rand lockpick 1 10
*if tec10all = 0
    *if tec10 = 1
        *set perception +1
        You enter carriage ten, not intending on stopping. Your hand reaches out as you approach the door to carriage eleven…
        It doesn't open.
        You attempt to slide it open, it refuses to budge once more.
        Calming yourself down, you look at the door in detail, to attempt to discover it's reason for not opening.
        *if stat_notify = true
            (Perception test)
        *if perception > easy_check
            *if stat_notify = true
            *set found_lock true
            You find the reason for your predicament in the form of a small padlock holding the door shut. You hold it in your hand, and give it a tug, but it doesn't seem to want to break.
            You attempt many different ways to open or break the padlock, but it stays put.
            Defeated, you turn back to find another way around.
            *goto c10a
            *if stat_notify = true
            But no matter how hard you look at the door in question, you can't seem to find anything that is blocking it. Your mind begins wandering, and you start thinking about the bento box you ate earlier. You concede, and decide that the door is not opening for a reason that is beyond you.
            *goto c10a
        *goto c10a
*label c10a
*if found_lock = true
    You enter carriage ten, the padlocked door standing at the end of the aisle, blocking your progress.
*if found_lock = false
    You enter carriage ten, the annoyingly uncooperative door standing at the end of the aisle like it was mocking you.
    #Move to carriage nine.
        *set time -1
        *goto c9

All I can think of is if the c9 label holds the actual error and it is misreporting, the c9 label is in another file and needs to use goto_scene, or more likely that you made changes to the uploaded game after the player started playing which always causes new and interesting breaks.

If the player’s only choice is to move to carriage 9 then try replacing the choice with “*page_break Move to carriage 9” and see if the error changes.

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Yes, I did upload new files to dashingdon a mere 10 minutes before I received this report. So that is likely it, seeing as:

  • c9 label only exists in that file
  • there is more than one choice there, I just omitted them in my post for simplicity’s sake.
  • the code passes both quicktest and random test.

If I get reported it again, I shall look into it further. But for now, I think the case is closed.

That error message comes from the secret internal *restore_game command, which the save plugin smPluginMenuAddon uses to save games. smPluginMenuAddon is the old, old way of doing things, but Dashingdon hasn’t updated itself to reflect that.

So, I don’t know how to reproduce this error, but I think it would somehow involve saving and restoring your game in a weird way.

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So in other words, It’s the save system being weird with new code.

Guess that’s what I get for releasing like 10 patches in the space of an hour, :sweat_smile:

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