COMING THURSDAY: New Heart's Choice Game! "If It Please the Court" Demo available now!

Congratulations to @SixFeetZen! I’m so excited to play again and again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :purple_heart: :white_flower:

Oh, neat! Looking forward to it.

I better prepare my royalcore vibes for this, looking foward to it.

Oh cool. I like a “capes et d’épées” (cloack and dagger in english?) flavor story. What am I saying. I LOVE it.
7’ sea is by far my true love tabletop rpg, I devore the three musketer, the comics of cloack anf teeth, Cyrano de Bergerac, captain fracass, the hunchback… I’m a huge fan of Mylady too.

Congrats for your game ^^ we need more like it.

Wish i have cash earlier😅

If this is your style, you might also enjoy Belle-de-Nuit


OH MY GOSH!!! Was this inspired by Julie d’Aubigny??? Her life was FASCINATING! I am so pumped for this game


Yes, I’ve got my eyes on it ^^

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Remy is on board. Single & ready to mingle. :smirk:

Remy sharpens her sword & her tongue expectantly. :grin:

Why is it not possible to play as a straight male ?

Since these games are so heavily romanced centered, it’s much easier to get an indepth story if the PC is gender locked.

You can read more in the Hearts Choice General Discussion thread >>


Yes as Sochi says and I said a while back, romance driven stories where gender is likely to be described more in depth if more sexual content occurs make it difficult for most to work with all genders, and the consensus by the current writers on Hearts Choice for the most part is that F/M and both M/M and F/F content is more needed and writable than M/F. (Even though M/F is really just writing F/M from the opposite perspective and not necessarily ‘just porn’.)

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Nope, not true. There is no such thing as “the writers on Heart’s Choice” and this made up group of people does not have some consensus. Heart’s Choice, the company, is Choice of Games’ partners and staff. The writers… are writers… who are contracted to write for it and are not a decision making body of any kind. In fact, the forum here is the only place I know of that Heart’s Choice writers—who like most writers work entirely alone, siloed from one another —would have an opportunity to interact with each other. And they have not all come together and formed some consensus about not writing M/F games. No.

As I think I’ve explained before, we can only publish the games we are pitched. What that means is that writers come to us, seeking a contract to write a game for us. They pitch us F/M, F/F, and even gender variable games like Jazz Age and Dawnfall. Gender variable means you can play them as male romancing female. So far we have only received maybe two pitches that are genderlocked M/F, and we accepted one of them. It’s under contract, being written.

No one on staff, or as far as I know, amongst our authors thinks or has ever said that M/F romance is “just porn.”


My gay heart is happy, can’t wait to read it! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for the clarification! I was under the impression that it was that way since it had been said before that Hearts Choice entries weren’t open to everyone like Hosted Games were, but maybe I was mistaken. But I am glad to see that’s not the case. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm, it still sounds like you’re a little confused about how our games get published.

For Heart’s Choice and Choice of Games, people must apply to write for us. That process is outlined here and here

When they apply we look first at their CV. Are they a writer? Have they published work in the past? If so, where? Has it been paid or self-published? Have they won any writing awards? Do they potentially bring a unique worldview or voice to their work? If the answer to some of these questions is “yes,” we then ask the writer for a writing sample. Once we see the writing sample, if the team agrees the prose works for us, we will ask the writer to come up with, on their own without input from us, three ideas for potential games. These are called “concepts.”

Then we look at their concepts for games. Do they seem to grasp how you construct a compelling interactive game with multiple possible endings? Does the genre fit our current needs? Do we think the concept is marketable? If the answer to some of these questions is yes, we then ask the writer to write a 15 page chapter by chapter outline of their game.

This outline goes through several rounds of revision with a Choice of Games/Heart’s Choice editor. At that stage in the process we are generally not giving a lot of heavy handed “make your game this/or that.” We’re not saying “you must write this as genderlocked F/F.” We’re explaining how stats work, how to construct compelling choices, how to use secondary stats to create delayed branching, offering advice about what our players expect to see in a game, sometimes we will make suggestions about ensuring the game’s NPCs are diverse. But at no point are we telling an author who has pitched a game “Actually you should write a completely different game for us. Sci fi doesn’t work, make this a medieval fantasy.”

Hosted Games we don’t do any of that. People can submit a game to us, completed, of at least 30,000 words in length that has undergone a forum beta. We’ll review its content, ask for certain adjustments if needed, and publish it.

So I don’t understand what you mean when you say

By “that way” do you mean we haven’t published M/F games in Heart’s Choice yet? Despite Heart’s Choice not “being open” …we can’t make writers write a game they haven’t decided to write. We can decide “no, these concepts don’t work for us, we won’t proceed with an outline,” or “this outline doesn’t work, so we won’t proceed with a game,” but we can’t say “Turn this game into something else.”

We are not, by the way, rejecting a FLOOD of M/F games being pitched to us. As I mentioned, I think we’ve received maybe two pitches for genderlocked M/F games, and we’ve gone to contract on one.


That makes sense. Sorry for the confusion, I was aware that both core COG and HC used the same system of applications but I didn’t know the specifics, so thanks. :blush:

Are heart’s choice games available thru google play?

REMY! Seems like you’ll have a busy summer…you up for that? :grin:

Remy grins devilishly, rubbing her hands together. :smiling_imp:

…I thought so. @Mary_Duffy, y’all are spoiling her here. You know that, right? :joy:

All HC games are available in the HC omnibus on GPS.

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