Comfort Zone - Stepping Out Of It

Many of us have torn off the band-aid, taken the plunge, thrown all caution to the wind, and broke the ice to become members of the CoG/HG community. After observing the forum for more than a year, many CoG/HG authors have finally convinced themselves to sign up and be involved to write and publish their own stories. Many expressed their nervousness in doing so, only to feel happy later on because of the excellent support and feedback the community offered.

I am no different. And as my first step in being apart of this community I ask:

  • What motivated you to step out of your comfort zone and join CoG/HG?
  • How has the community helped you in becoming a better writer, reader, or person in general?
  • What advice can you give newcomers?

I’m looking for responses from both inexperienced and experienced writers/readers/players.


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