Combat Systems in Text-based games--Yea or Nay?

Sorry so many wips on the board which one is yours?

The one I’m I’m talking about I haven’t officially announced yet.

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Any way I can help? Any reason it’s taking so long to code? Lots of items?

Last I read he had over 9000! items. seriously :dolphin:


I do have part of the battle system so you can check out my approach.

The battle system has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the development of the game, I now have a working model and busy working on the code. It is up for testing as I build it.

Here is the spreadsheet for the battel system command list

Both of those links pulls up a page not found message.


Yikes thanks looking into it.

*EditLol when I copy and pasted the links it added the numer of times it had been clicked. Fixed now.

**Edit to get to the battle system click I am done shopping,

***Edit seems I need to do a lot of clean up on the files as it is a mess to read and dont use mods I forgot add a choice for to leave the mods. I may try to clean that up in a few days. But you should get the jist of the system.

So, I’m guessing there will be a way to predict opponents moves and use your called out attacks to counter or bypass their defenses with an attack?

*edit maybe there is a better place to discuss this haha. PM or is there a thread?

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Your right of course will be happy to pm on this.

A combat system sounds far more fun. I say go for it.

I, personally, have a dislike for most combat systems in text based games. I, often, feel they are an obstacle in the way of me getting to read the story. I’ve even been known to drop a game all-together if I find that the combat system frustrates me enough. But, if it is a good story most players, including myself, will be willing to go through the combat systems to read it and I think that if you use the combat system you described that it will actually be, rather, fun instead of any hinderance. Really, it’s just a matter of making sure the system works well and doesn’t feel like there is a brick wall in-between you and the story.

In any case, for this situation I say Yay.