CoG MeetUp & Cosplay Germany Connichi 2019



As per title would anyone in Germany and around be interested in a CoG/HG fan meetup (with cosplay) at the Connichi in Kassel next year?
(Gonna add the date once it is released)


Connichi 2019 is from september 6th to 8th.


Now I wish I was in Germany :pensive:


I would like to go, but I probably won’t have the money. :expressionless:

International trains are not that cheap.


Add me to would like it, but doesn’t know what my life look like in year.


Ticket presale should start in early january again, with the gold ticket for all three days being the most expensive at 90 euro


If I am able to do so you can count me in


Gentle push, as those that wanna join should see about booking a hotel or something sooner than later. Most rooms within a decent distance are probably already gone.

Note (for those that have not been there yet):
The location of the Connichi is wheelchair accessible.
Public transport stops right outside the location.
Con-Tickets enable the use of public transport

Rules for cosplays are on their website