CoG MeetUp & Cosplay Germany Connichi 2019

As per title would anyone in Germany and around be interested in a CoG/HG fan meetup (with cosplay) at the Connichi in Kassel next year?
(Gonna add the date once it is released)


Connichi 2019 is from september 6th to 8th.
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Now I wish I was in Germany :pensive:


I would like to go, but I probably won’t have the money. :expressionless:

International trains are not that cheap.


Add me to would like it, but doesn’t know what my life look like in year.

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Ticket presale should start in early january again, with the gold ticket for all three days being the most expensive at 90 euro

If I am able to do so you can count me in

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Gentle push, as those that wanna join should see about booking a hotel or something sooner than later. Most rooms within a decent distance are probably already gone.

Note (for those that have not been there yet):
The location of the Connichi is wheelchair accessible.
Public transport stops right outside the location.
Con-Tickets enable the use of public transport

Rules for cosplays are on their website


Another gentle push:

TicketSale will start in early to mid- january, with ticketprices ranging between 60 and 80 euro for all three days. (as noted)

the most expensive one (gold ticket) includes a goodie bag with merch yet to be announced (this year it was a bento box and a gymbag (the small drawstring kind), last year saw a thermo cup and a powerbank)

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Thanks for the reminder

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Info on the tickets are out (link later)

Selling starts on the 26th of january at 4 pm german time
Golden Ticket will cost (booking early) 89 euro for all three days
Regular three day ticket is 58 (early) 65 regular

Edit: All Information here


TicketSale has begun:

there’s currently some issues with the confirmation email. but that should be fixed soon.

Totally wish I could. No reservations about meeting people from here (frankly, there’s enough personal info about me on here that I’d be an easy doxxing target…), but there’s no way I can afford to fly out.

If anyone goes, y’all should definitely take photos!

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