CoG/HG business model

Well hi there! Thanks for chiming in!

Yes, the instability of social media makes having a newsletter a good thing…if you’re willing to write a newsletter. I know from many marketing trainings that this is the best way to connect with fans but wow do I ever not like writing them. As for indie/self-pub marketing approaches, they’re solid ideas that should work for IF, though they seem to be hard enough to implement for self-pub (or maybe I just burn out every time I do a marketing push and give up). I actually sent an email to Smart Bitches Trashy Books today to see if they’d like to have me on their podcast, and did some research into blogs that take guest posts. I’d post to my own blog but I don’t think anyone reads it. :woman_shrugging: :rofl:

I suppose it falls to the authors and fans of IF to spread the word that it exists, though it would be wonderful if CoG/HC had the funds and staff to get someone on that so we writers could stick to the writing. This is not me complaining, because I think this company does more to market authors’ games than most trad publishing houses do for debut authors. I just think IF as a whole needs a PR campaign, and an organized one would be better than whatever random things we as individuals are able to do.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the topic I created for people to share why we love IF. There are so many great answers there, and a lot of good comments that can be woven into talking points for podcasts and blog posts. :sparkling_heart: