Coding Question Regarding Cariage Return and Line Breaks

Hi everyone! I am hoping for advice on a coding problem I am having with choice scripts. The situation is that for one of the games I am working on I wanted to display a sort of world map. As the features of this map and the world are variable I cannot use an image, so to get around that I have been trying to display it with ASCI characters that resemble the geographic features of the world. That part is going alright except that I am having trouble getting the correct characters to display on the line I want them too as it doesn’t seem to want to do this. Here’s an image of the map displaying incorrectly. Here 11 should have displayed on the next line at the beginning, not at the end of line 10.

So I guess my question is if there is a way to do a carriage return without a line break or empty line
as I don’t want the map to separated by empty lines vertically. Or if anyone knows if there is someway
to better control how choice scripts displays and/or jumps to the next line.

Thanks for your time.

p.s. I am aware that there may also be problems with the map displaying incorrectly if the user adjusts
the text size. A question on that too then if there is anyway to control the text size displayed? I’m thinking I’d change it to the size I need and then switch it back once the player leaves the map screen.

[n/] and *line_break syntax put your text on a new line without “empty line vertically”. Try them out.

No, text size setting is placed on the user-end. Besides, computers, PC, tablets, and smartphones are going to have different screen ratios. So, following that up, are you sure this is the best way to present your map? Or maybe is having map going to be very crucial to your story?


Szaal, thank you very much for the speedy response. I really appreciate it. line_break I’m aware of, [/n] I wasn’t and I’ll try out. The problem with line_break is it seems to create to much empty space between lines which makes the map seem warped vertically.

To answer your question on my question, no, not crucial or critical, but I’d rank somewhere between bells and whistles to improve the appearance and functionality to something that if missing will confuse some players. Basically in one portion of the game the protaganist has the powers of a God and can thus rearrange the geography of the game world. While I can try to narratively explain where things are I kind of think it will be a bit awkward in comparison to a map. I think I’m leaning towards having the map with back up narrative description and some disclaimers, for lack of better solutions. Good point regarding the display on different devices and OS, though I certainly wish it were otherwise

Thanks again.

Update: [n/] seems to have done it! Ha, now if it wouldn’t format differently on other devices.

CoG/HG players (readers?) mainly use their phones/tablets to play. If you still wanted to continue this, you can try hosting your game somewhere on the net (dashingdon!) and boot it up on your phone. Again, even each phone has different screen sizes, but who knows.

Thanks again. Good advice. I do have it on dashingdon: (I’m waiting to have it a bit more polished before I present it to the community as it is little more than a bad alpha right now.)

I’ve been brain storming and what I think I’ll do is add controls so the player can define the column limiters so if it doesn’t display correctly due to character runoff they can resize it as they please. Since its in a loop structure anyway I don’t think that should hypothetically be to difficult. As it is hypothetically a poor man’s map of the world, I might also add options to rotate world map to help with this too and better simulate it being a world. At least that’s my new current plan, though will take some time to pull off.