Help with choicescript code

Hello, everyone. Currently I am writing a book called The magicless. But I have a little problem with the display. I don’t really know why, so I’ll put the pictures in for you. I hope you will understand the problem and help me solve it because I have a big problem with it right now. Thank you in advance. Without forgetting I will soon post the demo, I don’t know exactly when but as soon as it will be possible.

What is the error?
Is the code didn’t give you the correct response?

If you’re referring to the line 91 (the one you highlighted), then your picture doesn’t really help much. You took/shoot the later part.

Agreed, everything on the script that should be, seems to be on the display page?

Edit: BTW you don’t need goto commands after if commands like you’ve got there. It won’t break the scene, but it’s not needed either.

Edit-Edit: Oh I see the problem. The goto command isn’t indented on line 92 so if you selected girl you won’t see that line.

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By ‘display’ problem, do you mean the issue that the entire code is not displaying in the screen - i.e. the text isn’t wrapped?

That’s the only thing I can think of because, yeah, like the above posters said, your code in that screenshot looks fine.

If your question is about text wrapping… I’m pretty new to CSIDE so I’m not sure if it has a text wrap feature :thinking: But, I know there are other applications where you can enable this!

E.g. abc editor (see this thread: Coding apps for android? - #4 by Silverstone for more information), where it seems that they allow for text to be wrapped without compromising the ease of finding errors.

Thank you all I managed to fix the problem. But it still took me two days of reflection. Anyway, I’m going to post a demo soon. I hope you will like it. Thank you for your answers, they have helped me a lot to understand the problem.

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