Code cannot parse the line after selectable_if

Currently writing a scene in my story, and for some reason I cannot get past this one part? Dashingdon cannot load past it and it keeps giving me this error message:
Screenshot (855)
I’ve tried a whole bunch of different fixes, can someone help me out here?

Here’s what my code currently looks like.

   *disable_reuse *selectable_if (Fergie > 15) #Introduce Fergie

     Words written here

Have you tried

  *disable_reuse *selectable_if (Fergie > 15)

Caveat: you can do that with *if, but I don’t know if it’s the same for *selectable_if, so this may not help you!

I would probably also move *disable_reuse to before the *choice

If that doesn’t work, are you sure the variable is viable? I.e. is it spelled correctly (in the correct case), and is the variable definitely numerical?

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i vaguely remember that

   *selectable_if (var) *disable_reuse #option

in that order might work?

Hm, in my experience it works if *disable_reuse is placed before *selectable_if. Does an enter between the choice and the text (even though it’s on the correct indent) affect things?

might also be the space between the > and the 15 that’s hiccupping

I have just copied your code, and added some extra bits to create the variable and give a second option, and it works fine in CSIDE for me:

*create Fergie 16
*label Choice2
    *disable_reuse *selectable_if (Fergie > 15) #Introduce Fergie
        Words written here
        *goto Choice2
    #Do nothing

If you copy and use this code above, does it work for you?


I have a space around those symbols, so that’s not it.

I have this one set up and it seems to work!!

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