Co-promoting games

For anyone developing or publishing a user-contributed game, it may be a good idea to co-promote one another by linking Web sites, Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, etc.

If anyone is interested, I am working on a site and will post a link to your site with description. I will also follow you on Twitter. In exchange, if you can do the same, that would be great. Please post here if you’d like to work out an exchange.



Maybe we can involve the CoG community site too.

Great, let me know the site you want to promote, Facebook page, Twitter etc. I will also post on the CoG community site and link to them now.

My site is and Twitter is @ZombieExodus

On second thought, I may just go with my main twitter @JimDattilo. Maintaining both will be a challenge.

I have added you on twitter. I’m @CorbiuGeisha

I need to make a site dedicated to the games I create. Once ready I’ll add the links.

Why don’t you use your Webs site?

That was just a temporary home. Will make a better webs site :slight_smile:

I guess I too would have to make a better site in future.

I have added you all to my website. Except ScarletGeisha I can not seem to find you on Twitter. If you post a link I will be more then happy to add you.

Lord Irish, I added you on Twitter. Please let me know if you want me to link to your entire site, your game, or another part of the site. Also is there a description you’d like me to use?

The site abby is fine. Thank you

@Lordirish I have added you on Twitter.

You should all tweet at @choiceofgames and I’ll see if I can get Dan to have that account follow you.

Thanks, that’s great, Jason.

I have just started to make my new website. Http://
Twitter: @andymwhy
I will add The Race to the site once weba allows me to upload files.

I just followed you on Twitter and will add the site tonight to my web site. Thanks!

@andymwhy I have added your site on the CoG Community page. Tell me if you want the description changed.

@andymwhy I have added you to my site.

Cheers all. Will add people to twitter and my site over the weekend.

@ScarletGeisha the description is fine, thanks.