Classroom use of choicescript created games?

Hello. I was wondering if it is allowed to use programs created using choicescript in a classroom setting or if this comes under commercial use and there would need to be a fee paid to use it? For example could this game I created Slicked by Jacic or something similar be used in a school or university for teaching? Thanks :slight_smile:


I think you have to receive money for it to count.


Cools, I wouldn’t be receiving any money for it, just wanted to check if there’d be an issue since an organisation might be using it :slight_smile: In saying that, it’d probably just be hosted somewhere like itch anyway.

You should be fine if the org is using the game for their presentation or something. CS license specifically deals with the ChoiceScript itself (or the engine) rather than the actual game. I mean, the license gives permission to any non-commersial use; I thought you were referring of the org decompiling the CS itself. Refer to the link I linked for the license itself.

Cool game, though. Not quite focused on marine biohazard handling (if that’s the term used), but we do learn a bit about handling oil spilling here.

Oh, and gotta post this here, ofc. Break my high score, you damn casul.

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Thanks! Yeah just made a short little game a while back. Could do with some extra senarios added when I get the time. (I’ll add it to my ever increasing CS todo list :upside_down_face:)

And yes you got the bestest score ever!!! :grin: