Chronicles of Volantes(WIP) Update ,10k words, updated 30.April.23

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Hello everyone, after a very long time I have taken to the pen again.

I decided to recycle an old idea of mine and write it as a cyoa WIP.

To play the demo, go here: Chronicles of Volantes (

Currently, I have only a ca. 10k snippet of the prologue/Act 1 done and wanted to upload what I have so far to see if there is any interest in the world so far.
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The following will be rewritten once I am a little more in the story. It will be more concrete then

Welcome to the world of Ariagon, where flying dragons roam the skies and danger lurks around every corner.
Join a diverse cast of characters on a journey of adventure and self-discovery as they explore the breathtaking flying mountains of Volantes. Bond with your very own dragon as you navigate through a world of politics, betrayal, and magic as the impending war on the continent binds you and rips open old wounds.
Will you rise to the occasion, use your powers for your own gain or will you even become the villain? The choice is yours as you discover new friendships and perhaps even find romance in this dangerous world. Hold on tight and get ready for a wild ride in the world of Ariagon.

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Alexander/Alexandra Lapides [M/F]
Alex is protective, confident, and ambitious in nature.
They are two years your senior and have just always been around. They are heir to one of the most prestigious houses of your kingdom, they are basically your childhood best friend and very close to both you and your twin. A prodigy in all things weaponry and military they and Isaac are in a continuous inofficial contest for the top spot in military matters.
Their father holds the position of Knight Commander of the Draco Alas a position that is not hereditary but has been filled by their family for 5 generations. They are expected to live up to their families’ expectations and take their fathers’ place.

Bonddragon: Tiamat

Selene von FlĂĽge [F]
Selene is the second in command of the Draco Alas. Her considerable talent in leadership and strategy makes her a formidable officer. She is the youngest in recent history to hold such a high-ranking position with the elite guards. Her amicable character has made her beloved by her subordinates and she is one of the few that can keep up with Alex and Isaac’s talent. Her weapon of choice is the Dragonbow and she has made it her hobby to instruct everyone who shows up once a week. Her lessons have a high return rate for her character more than her teaching methods.

Bonddragon: Cierca

Ciel von Thurn vie Scipio [M/]
Ciel is calm, charming, intelligent, and calculating in nature.
He spends half of his time with his father in the empire surrounded by the far more dangerous court affairs of Kushar and sometimes jokes that time in Volantes is like a vacation from trying not to be murdered.
He has inherited the diplomatic talent from his mother and is very liked in the golden halls.
He loves magic and has considerable talent for it, although messing with your soulbond may have not been his brightest idea.
Even though he can play the role that is expected of him he is actually an introvert who finds most people quiet energy draining. There is a competition going around the golden halls where nobles try to seduce him [he hates it but strings them along to further his own goals].
For those that hold his affection, there is almost nothing he is not willing to do.

Bonddragon: Saris

Emperor Akin [M]
Kushars emperor is either slandered as a warmonger or heralded as a reformer. The empire has tripled in size since he took the throne and is in almost constant conflict with its neighbors.
He has 7 concubines, all heirs of conquered territories, but rumour has it he never visits any one of them. One can often find them walking freely around the golden halls, breaking tradition of isolation and for some even chastidy.
His rise to the throne was unexpected and sudden and he compensated for the lacking support with force and suppression. The empire is thriving culturally and he is slowly implementing changes that would have been unthinkable under his father.
He never talks about his childhood and every portrait and remembrance of his older siblings and the emperor was burned the moment he took his place in the golden halls.
You will never see him show up in any of the typical revealing outfits of his court, there are many speculations about what he is hiding under the layers of silky fabric.
He has few people close to him and tends to show very clearly who holds his favour and who does not.

Nuru Farouk [M/F]
Nuru has been living in Volantes since your 15th birthday when they were sent to take on the role of Kushars diplomat. They are quite young and rumor has it that they were coerced into their role by their stepmother to make space for her own children to take over as the family’s heir. They are amicable and have integrated very well into Volantes Court affairs. Their manipulative nature makes it easy for them to gain allies in the normally quiet court. They seem quite content with their life in Volantes. They have always shown interest in you and you have developed a friendship over the years [you think]. They don’t really get along with Isaac as he can’t handle their manipulative nature.
Nuru is a good ally to have and a bad enemy.

Lekani the Beauty [F]
Lekani is charming, cunning, and intelligent some would also call her stubborn as she is determined when she set her mind to something she will do everything in her might to reach her goals.
Lekani is known around the continent for being the epitome of beauty. Some describe her as almost godess-like. She benefits from her blood relation to the emperor and seems to enjoy more freedom than the average woman of Kushar.
She is Akin’s younger sister and their relationship seems to be a close one. She is enamored with the idea of dragons and shows a very keen interest in everything to do with Volantes.
Can you trust her or is she only after her own interests?

Sefu the sword saint [N]
Sefu is the bodyguard of Akin and the closest person the emperor has to a real friend. They know about his history and were there to pick the royal back up after one event or another. Their abilities with the sword are legendary. They hone it with a dedication that some may call obsession. They are very sceptical of you and never let you out of their sight for long.

Your family


Queen Helena of Volantes
Your mother is a cunning woman. Some say she seduced your father only for the title of queen. That is not true as the woman hides her warm heart behind a composed front. She is a traditionalist and prefers for your kingdom to keep its neutral status. Is she on to something?
She is known for her magic potency and passed her abilities onto you and your sister. She can be an affectionate mother but she also has high expectations. Her expectations have pushed Isaac away and so her focus rests mostly on you.

King Darius of Volantes
Darius became king way too soon as his parents perished when he was 12. Darius had to grow up fast after that and people still gossip about how he kept his optimistic nature. He is calm, composed, and kind when reigning over your populace. His charisma makes him very liked by nobles and commoners alike.

Bonddragon: Balruch

Isaac of Volantes:
Your beloved twin.
You are blessed [or cursed] with your gods’ blessing of the soulbond. You and your twin are bound by magic so old no one knows exactly how it works anymore only that the bond is sacred as it is said to be the reason human and dragonkind found together. What you do know is that you and your dragons share more than just the normal bond. If he dies you die too and history is full of stories of soulbound twins and their dragon counterparts that ended in tragedy. Will you be able to keep each other safe?
Isaac is the heir to the flying mountains of Volantes. He may seem like he doesn’t take his responsibilities seriously but those who know him know that he is dedicated and dutiful.
His keen intellect hides behind his carefree and optimistic nature and even though he still struggles with sitting still he can if he makes up his mind. He is very athletic because of his preference for physical activities, he is known for being a prodigy with his weaponry and all things military. The relationship with your mother is a bit strained. He feels under pressure and never adequate as his nature contradicts what she expects from him as the heir.

Bonddragon: Vritra

Hannah Volantes
Your younger sister is extremely introverted and shy. She only talks to you and Isaac really and prefers the company of books. Sometimes one can find her with the dragons just watching but not really interacting with them. Her intellect is well beyond her years. When she spends time with you and Isaac she is warm and affectionate and loves to cuddle. She loves falling asleep in your company.
She has considerable musical talent and loves to play her harp for the dragons whenever they are willing to listen.



Saris is Ciels bond-dragon. He is mischievous, intelligent, playful, and curious. Due to his distance from Ciel, he is always looking for a connection. He shares a deep friendship with Falei. He is a pixy/salco dragon which means that he is part of the smallest family of dragons and he takes full advantage of his size to explore and cuddle whenever he can.
Saris scales shimmer a rich golden color.

Tiamat is proud and protective perfectly falling into his role as Alex’s partner. The Sky Dragon thrives on combat and is the fastest of his generation. He is however unbelievably shy and rarely talks to anyone apart from Alex.
His scales are light blue and he is perfectly camouflaged against the sky.

Vritra is one of the dragon twins. She is bound to her brother like you are to yours. She is adventurous, friendly, and playful. Like Isaaac she prefers physical activities and she loves their rigorous training and combat exercises.
As a celestial dragon, she proudly shows her iridescent pearly scales that are reminiscent of moonstone gems.


Falei is your bonded dragon. He is the antithesis to his twin sister. Were she likes to stay active he likes to spend his time in calm dranquility, were she is extroverted and friendly he is introverted and prefers the presence of book over people and dragons. His protectiveness makes him a worrier and he likes to be prepared for everything. He shares your talent for magic and is a capable fighter if he has to.
Faleis has dark iridescent scales that seem almost abyssmal dark reeling you in towards the nothing but in the sunlight your can watch the star-like patterns dance over his scales, painting pictures of fareaway galaxies.

Hanwa TBA
Bahamut TBA
Cierca TBA

Codex in the works


Volantes is the kingdom of MC it is a flying cluster of islands where they live together in harmony with the dragonkin
Draco Alas

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To do

  • Finish this post

  • Add a save system.

  • figure out how to implement nb mc’s

  • Finish the Prologue/Act 1

  • figure out how to create Codex that makes sense

Polls coming soon


Still figuring this one out

Am I in over my head … Yes, yes I am


I will wish you the best of luck


That was great! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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I really like this :blue_heart: Keep up the good work! I look forward to more updates

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Like it so far, but I have some questions, if we’re twins then Isaac can’t be more than few minutes older yet the game and everyone else treat us like we’re years younger than him? Also why is Isaac just better at everything physically than us, shouldn’t we have been pretty much going through the same training since we’re literally the same age? We can even choose that we’ve always preferred more physical stuff like fighting to so I dont get why we can’t have been already training with Alexs father like Isaac was. It makes more sense to have both twins get the same and best possible training so they can defend themselves properly considering we both die if one twin bites the dust.


Liking it so far. Can’t wait to see how the story goes.

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Good luck, enjoyed what you have so far!

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Haha, no worries you will have the opportunity to keep up. It is basically just about natural talent he got the short one on magic potential while you get double the dose of the normal. He will not be able to train to keep up with you in that regard.

I should probably address the training thing a little🤔. It has more to do with Isaac and you not being put in to many lessons with each other at that point due to Isaac’s inability to concentrate with you there. That will change with age a little. And you may not have that knowledge simply because you are a child and are not a reliable narrator. You only know and perceive what the MC does.there is actually a hidden insight stat for how insightful you are in regards to external factors.

I will make a note so I will be able to see if I can address that in an update to make it a little clearer. Thanks for the feedback


I can get that, but he’s getting trained by the Knight Commander and clearly significantly better than who we got put to train with.


Alright, i fell in love with this little game story. Too small, but with so much potential I just wanna get more and more.
Until now i didn’t try to make a choice game, but i do know it isn’t easy so I understand your fears and feeling a little lost. Just remember, this is a story that you should enjoy making.
I wish you the best with this project, and remember we here to help you if you need anything.


Hello, I hope you’re doing great.
How is the story development going? Anything you can share and future plans you have? :slight_smile:


Interesting start, I’ll be waiting for more!

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