Chrome App Limitations

I’ve noticed that some games (ie. Deathless, Mobster, Herofall, etc.) are missing the options to open them as new tabs, windows, etc. in Google Chrome. However, other games (ie. Hero Project, WW:U, Mecha Ace, etc.) does have those options. I’ve contacted Google and they said they don’t have any such restrictions on their end. I’m just wondering if you are aware of such restrictions and if they set on purpose?

Google has misled you, but it’s a complicated topic.

Our Chrome Web Store apps are shipped as “packaged apps” for Chrome. Google substantially modified the way Chrome packaged apps work about a year ago. When they first launched, Chrome packaged apps were designed to be “indistinguishable from web pages.”

Later, the Chrome team decided that this was an incorrect design goal, partly from a usability standpoint (users couldn’t figure out what they were downloading) and partly from a security standpoint (Chrome packaged apps had privileged access to the user’s browser, even when they didn’t need such rights).

So they launched something called “new packaged apps,” or packaged apps in the “new” style. “New” packaged apps are not allowed to be browser tabs.

At first, “new packaged apps” were optional, not required. Then the “new” style was recommended; the “old” style was deprecated. Now, all new CWS apps are required to be “new” packaged apps, but “old” style apps are allowed to remain in the store. Sometime later this year, “old” style apps will be removed from CWS, and we’ll be forced to upgrade all of them to the new style.

Some people prefer the new style; it feels more like a native app. Others don’t like it. I wish we could offer old style apps to those who want them, and we’ll keep allowing our existing old apps as long as we’re able, but eventually, everything will be in the new style.

I wish I had a better answer here.

Ok. So every choice game from here on out will be in the new format?