ChoiceScript on Windows Phone 7

Good afternoon everyone,

I played Wizard’s Choice on WP7 recently and quite enjoyed it. Once I saw it hosted on here, I realized that it had been developed with ChoiceScript. I thought it was implemented well and the UI seemed to be a bit different from Choice of Dragon and what not I played on Android. So, my question is:

How does one go about getting their ChoiceScript story to function on WP7? Are there any tutorials anywhere I could follow? Assume I have a finished game and just want to run it on the WP7 OS.

Thanks in advance.

Wizard’s Choice was not originally written in ChoiceScript. Sam Landstrom, the author, released it on his own for WP7, Android and Kindle. He then approached us with the game, and asked us to convert it to CS for iOS.

Thus, there are no CS games on WP7 currently.

Ah, that probably explains the UI differences. Thanks for the response!