ChoiceScript IDE - Spell Check Feature?

Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to put in a spell check feature in the ChoiceScript IDE. It would make life so much easier that way, also, it would be great if it can automatically exclude all the command words such as *page_break, or *choice. I think it would make IDE much more user friendly that way.


Funny you should mention that, because a handful of us are helping @CJW test out a desktop version of the IDE, and it has a number of new features including spell check. I’m not 100% certain, but I believe he plans on updating the browser based IDE to match the desktop version.

Ooooo…looking forward to a new desktop version! :slight_smile:


Yup! As @fantom said we’ve incorporated a spell-check into the latest version which will run on Mac and Windows : )
I do intend to get round to backporting all the new stuff to the web version, but that’s going to take quite some time - so please don’t expect it anytime soon. The desktop version should be along shortly though.

As an aside, if you could please post any further questions to the IDE’s own thread, that’d probably make a lot of the mods very happy! [Tool] ChoiceScript Development Environment

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