"Bad Label" error

Hello! I ask for help once more(I’ve done this so many times, it makes me think that I’m the only one doing this…). I hope this isn’t an obvious error so I don’t look dumb again. :smiley:

If this is an obvious error, I will go hang myself. So, if it is indeed one, for the sake of my health, don’t tell me. :smiley:

Edit: Know of the indent error.

I think it’s a typo? Your label says ‘rangedattack’ but the *goto that threw up the error is looking for ‘rangedeattack’ with an extra ‘e’.


Goodbye, cruel world.

All of a sudden, I’ve started getting more errors since I started using ChoiceScript IDE. It’s really hard to detect typos now.

It’s all right. XD If I had a biscuit for every time I made a coding error, I could open my own factory…

Hard because of the underlining? You can turn that off in CSIDE’s Settings. I do like to use the spellcheck feature to save abstract variable names, so I don’t forget and use a non-existent variable, though—plus for the usual spelling errors. (Or are you just needling me. XD )


If the next error I come across is a typo/indent error, I will kill myself.

What makes it difficult? Do you have any suggestions on how it could be improved? Typos should be very easily visible if you have spell check enabled :slight_smile:


What I meant, is that it’s not harder to detect typos, harder to detect errors. The letter size and plus the underline(spellcheck) made it very hard to read, so I missed the extra “e”, though there’s nothing wrong with it overall, it’s just me.


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@CJW I think somekind of “clickable” *goto that brings you to its *label may come in handy? Although I’m not sure whether it’s possible to make such feature available :confused:


I also use a lot of abstract or abbreviated variable names so the trick is to make CSIDE work for you. For example, if you right-click rangedattack in the Code Editor window (plus all other underlined variable names) and use the menu option to add it to your User Dictionary, it will not only remove the underlining on all correctly-spelled variable names, it will also immediately highlight (by underlining) any and all genuine misspellings—e.g. rangedeattack—the very instant you type it wrong.

You can also adjust the font size of the Code Editor window if the default text is too small for you, under the Settings tab.


Never! I will never join the dark side!

Yep, will increase the font size.


Any trouble you’re having is worth me knowing, there’s always room for improvement! Glad you sorted the issue though :slight_smile:. Vendetta’s suggestion is a good one for the future!

@Szaal This a good suggestion, if it could be made to work. Certainly within a single scene, could prove promising. I’m not sure about cross-scene labels though.