Choicescript help with removing choices

ok so i have
What was your best skill
#I could always convince people to see my side of things
*set Diplomacy +30
*goto action
#I could beat any one in competitions of darts or archery
*set Acuracy +30
*goto action
#I could sneak around and eavesdrop and no one would notice
*set Stealth +30
*goto action
#Very few people could beat me in sparring matches
*set Strength +30
*goto action
#I could always find the best tactical maneuvers and lead squadron to victory
*set Leadership +30
*goto action
in my script how do i make it so i can make it so depending on what you pick you cant pick strength again as your second skill like what commands would i use

   *disable_reuse #option
   *set thing
   *goto otherthing

alternatively you can use hide_reuse instead of disable_reuse to hide the option entirely.
Note: this is when you go back to the same choicebody (this requires a label right above the choice)

the alternative would be, if you make a second, differently worded choicebody with lower gains afterwards:

   *if (diplomacy <X) #option
      *set diplomacy +15
      *goto thing

with X being the amount the player would have after picking something in the first choicebody. Thus, if the amount is equal or above that, the option won’t show.

thank you dude your the best

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*hide_reuse is another alternative.

Nevermind. Already mentioned above :stuck_out_tongue: