ChoiceScript Guide *ANSWERED*


I started writting with ChoiceScript about 3 years ago and then my computer crashed and I lost all my progress and from fear of being hurt again I gave it up.

Now I’m back with a more reliabe computer and a mended heart and looking to start again.

Back in the days I found or was suggested a great guide (which if memory serves was coded within ChoiceScript to allow some sort of navigation… maybe?). It had step by step tutorials starting with basic stuff, going to moderate and expert techniques.

Do you know where I can find that guide again or something similar?

While the Wiki and basic tutorial on the website are great to get me started, a clear and (more or less) comprehensive guide to help me along would be amazing.



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I would suggest emailing yourself backups of your progress, like after every day before you go to sleep.
I think @RETowers can point you in the direction of “everything guide related.”

Are you thinking of @Lglasser’s guide?


Good thought. Thanks.

Holy smokes that looks amazing. I don’t think that’s the one I used back then but this one sure looks like it would do the job. Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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Welcome back,

Here is a link to several resources, including tutorials that you might find very useful.

Master-List Links For Beginners by FairyGodFeather

I look forward to seeing your work.


Pretty cool. Thanks for that.

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This guide?:

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That’s the one. Thanks heaps. Although I found other ones as well and I jump around to get as much info as possible. :slight_smile:

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