Question before i start

Okay so i finally got off my lazy ass and started learning how to use choice script… But failing miserably, so anyway does this sound interesting for an idea for a story?
You play as a fallen angel who gets exiled to earth and lose all of your memories.
Lastly is there a better tutorial on how to use choicescript the one on the main site is… uhh confusing.

sounds like a good idea to me

I’m working on a youtube tutorial for choicescript. I will post a forum topic once I get it out.

Thanks i think ill wait for that tutorial, my attention span is not the greatest so a video would probably work better.

I started one a while ago that I’ve been meaning to complete:

It’s incomplete, but gives you the very basics. Anything more detailed, you can probably figure out from the wiki:

@Aznxa I wish I could have your guts to get off my lazy ass and work on my RPGMaker 2003 game. lol.

There are alternatives to choicescript if you find that to be too code heavy for you.

The wiki certainly could do with a bit of revamping though.

@kaosorer lol i never finished mine either.

lucky, i’m to lazy to have an ass.