ChoiceofScript Stat File Not Working

I’m having trouble with showing the stats of my game whenever I run it… Help plss

The error I’m getting is "choicescript stat file cannot be found

My code looks like this:

(In ChoiceofScript stat file) in the same folder as startup txt file in “scenes” under “mygame” folder

text name
percent strength
percent speed

(In startup)


*create name “”
*create strength 50
*create speed 50

The important thing here isn’t what’s in the file, but whether or not the file has correct name (which, based on the error message, it doesn’t, or otherwise it’s not in the same folder with the other scene files).


I wonder if the file extension is .txt. If it isn’t, I’d try changing it to that.


Both the startup file and stats file are in the same folder in scenes tho …but thankss…

I tried trying it out in Dashingdon site and it actually works …both files are showing …maybe the emulator I have been using and the index html file only run one file at a time and not at the same time

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