"Choice of the Viking"—Forge a legacy in a land of gods and giants!

Dude, welcome!! I just finished the doc, and wow!

Ah see, I felt that was the case. I’m no academic when it comes to it, but I’m a huge movie nerd. The Northman was directed with the express intention of depicting how the world would appear and feel to the people raised with Norse beliefs. The director, Robert Eggers, also directed The Witch, another period piece with the intention of creating a world that reflects what people of the time would interpret the environment around them as.

Your doc itself goes into detail on how this was a major focus for you when writing the game, and how you like anachronism, which ima have to be honest with, am really glad you wrote in the doc. I dunno, i think an author being upfront about it just feels more based and “sticking to yer guns!”

Finally, welcome to the forums my man, hope you have a wonderful time, and i hope you try out some of the other games, or even works in progress here! Theres some great viking-inspired works in here like Diaspora which honestly sounds completellllly your type of poison!

I think your expertise in history on Ancient Scandinavia will be really helpful and appreciated by people in the forums here!