Choice of the Demon Lord(SUPER work in progress title... and everything else really)

So, hi, Im very new to this, its my first attempt at doing a game or REALLY writing a story in general, english is NOT my first language, so there may(probably) will have mistakes both in this post and in the game.
My game is called Choice of the Demon Lord… for now, don’t really clicked with the name yet, am open to suggestions.
In it, you play a demon lord(or lady, or noble), taking care of your newest mansion/castle/fortress with goals to complete a contract made between you and the council of sin. In this world, demons kinda coexist with humans, it’s a modern-high-fantasy(btw, dont know if I should tag it as modern or high fantasy).

Currently it’s about 5% completed, haven’t done much, been mostly learning about choicescript and trying to figure a bit of a plot, 2 Chapters in(but not quite fully completed), it’s basically a character creation and an introduction to the game, 3100+ Words, and I plan on updating daily for now, as I am wanting help with pretty much every step of the way.

Dont think a demo is quite worth being placed yet, just want to see interest, and create a thread for anyone willing to help.

I plan on making it one of those “adminstration” games, where you’re presented with a bit of a somewhat sandbox and some random events and the plot develops as you go through “in-game time”.
It’s supposed to be light-hearted(although there will be violence and spooky things, it will be mostly humorous or trivialized), and a chill small experience. I’m doing it both out of passion and for practice, so yeah, any feedback is accepted.

Any questions, just ask on the comments, I’ll try to keep active in it.

You are a demon lord, nobility amongst the demons of Hael. You however… are not a very good one at that, or maybe you just don’t try to be, or feel like you never had an opportunity…
Worry not! The Council of Sin has given you this opportunity!
You are to be the demon representative of the region of Saelia from the mortal realm, a previously demonless region.
A contract has been signed, and demons always follow through with their contracts… You are to establish Hael’s contract based services in Saelia and bring significant results back to the council within an year!
What happens if you fail? Well… nothing too serious… actually, it kinda is, you’ll be banished from Hael and stripped of you’re noble status, but worry not!
I am confident in your abilities, dark one!


hmmm, i won’t quite comment anything concrete seeing as it barely has a plot, but it has a lot of potential


Oh this for sure sounds nice, some ideas i have is that would be nice if we can go a more war like path where we have good combat scenes or at least a good combat/power system but ik as you said this still meant to a be more light hearted.

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I do actually intend on having a more aggressive path. After all, your job will be doing favors for mortals in exchange of either favors from them or the demon currency(soul essence), those favors can be ranging from being their sexy pair for a ball, helping them with solving their math homework or… killing someone they dont like(or just protecting them, who knows).

So if you want, you can make a very combat heavy character and look mostly for contracts that require your brute force(or keen tactics) or something like that.


If you want I can give a better explanation of what plot I currently have(its still work in progress, but its definitely more than what I put in the thread). I didn’t really wanted to put a full synopse on the thread, although, if you guys think I should, I will.

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yeah, you probably should, most people will want to know what your plot is so they can give you tips and feedback on it

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Did it. Not sure if it’s very good though, I’m horrible at synopses, hope it helps understand what I have in mind, it’s supposed to be a simple plot, but it’s definitely suggestible to change.

I look forward to seeing a demo but since it’s just a post it would be better in the interest check thread. In any case hope this is has been a great day for you all. :smiley:

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Make sure you provide a link for the demo, otherwise, the moderators will temporarily close this thread until you do. Also, you cant have Choice Of in your game title if you are making it for Hosted Games.

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Yeah, the title WILL change, I just haven’t thought of anything yet. But thanks, will try to provide a demo soon, just want to have a bit more to it.

Per the forum policies, we do not permit separate WIP threads without demo links. Please contact the mods to have this thread reopened once a demo link is ready!