Choice of the Archaeologist

We need some beta-testers for Archaeologist, an upcoming Choice of Games. Please email me for the link and login.

Per the usual, by applying you agree not to discuss the game on the Internet until a release date is set. You also agree to not share the login and password to the game with anyone else.

We’re interested in typos, logic errors, narrative inconsistencies, “fun”, and really anything else you’d like to add. Please consolidate your comments to one email.

In case you’ve forgotten: jason AT choiceofgames DOT com

Lastly, Archaeologist is not recommended for those under 16. By applying, you assert that you are 16 or over.

I’m very advanced in comprehension and quite mature (when I don’t joke around) may I try to apply.

Man I hope you allow me to it sounds so interesting

You need to email him, not comment here. :slight_smile:

And need to be 16 or older(DANG IT)

Yea im 19

Why 16+?
And i’m only 15…dang it.

I am 17!I want to apply!

I sent an email asking and forgot to name it did you get it?


I would love to help! =)

Darn just became 15 could i have bean born a year earlier

Aaaww why sixteen. i’m only 15, that sucks