Choice of the Adventurer, Opinions?

I have completed an early map of the continent. It may become more detailed as I progress with the game:

Good work, @Matter7

Is the population in the cities mixed without a clear majority or dominated by different races?

It varies depending on the city, as you will discover, but you will be interacting with just about every race at some point. And the locations listed are only major cities, there are many small towns and villages scattered about the continent.

I’m waiting for more!

@WulfyK, don’t worry, you’ll get it!
I’m going to be posting updates or asking for input every day or two so keep checking in! Although I do have a generalized idea of where the game is going I am always willing to take advice or opinions from the players, which is the whole purpose of this forum! I am making a lot of progress and if anyone has any question be sure to ask them!

Here is my first question to everyone:
What is your opinion of magic? Do you think magic should be available to everyone in the universe and must simply be tapped, or should magic be a rare resource that only a few have the knowledge to wield? Is the ability restricted to those who are born with the gift or does it only require years of training to use? Post your thoughts!

I think it should be the years of training option but not too long though

So long as it is a well developed and uniform system I like all the options. Although I tend to prefer stories where the major is more low key. Think LoTR or Sabers of Infinity than Harry Potter, and Way Walkers.

Nice map. What program did you use. I hand drew mine but may redo it at some point more in that style.

I recently changed the magic in my world. Anyone can use it, but few are willing to risk their life to learn real magic. I also dropped direct attack spells such as fireballs and magic missiles. So user most be far more clever to attack with magic.

What about a more unusual approach to magic? One of the reasons why I enjoy authors like Diane Duane (where magic is used by the gifted, but the boundaries and abilities are very etherial, and spells are cast by speech that resonates with the universe - sort of) or Lawrence Watt-Evans (where different magic styles are VERY different within a single series, and he occasionally alludes to some of the ‘lesser forms’ such as ritual dancing, herbalism, and science)… I think there are lots of interesting options still waiting out there that have either not been covered recently or are at least not quite as popular or well known.

I agree with you and would love to see something like those brought into a game. However, I believe that would be a massive amount of coding. I shutter at the mere thought lol.

@LordIrish True… but surely there are alternatives that aren’t coding intensive. A world where all magic must be performed by chalking onto the pavement, for instance *grin*. In all seriousness, though, perhaps there’s a peaceful compromise between interesting methodology and a nightmare of code?

lol. I am not a programmer so I am sure someone may figure it out. But I know from writing my own magic system for my game the code is close to just this side of massive, and I consider it a smiple magic system.

Woah, I like the majority of the games on your list; some of them are my favorites too. Props to you for having awesome taste. xD

As for the question, magic is always welcome in my case, however it may be. It might be because I grew up reading Harry Potter, but magic in any sort of media is awesome, lol. cx

Hey guys, thank you for your input! I have very similar opinions and I have taken them into consideration and I think everyone will be very pleased with how magic will play a part in this world, however I won’t be revealing anything in that regards quite yet! As far as the character creation goes I believe I will be implementing a system that will allow the player to choose between four major back stories that each offer a unique play through. The player will also choose between three possible races for each backstory meaning that there are a total of twelve unique scenarios; I may allow additional races to be played in possible future expansions. Let me know what you guys think of this and as I stated before, if you have any additional comments, suggestions, or questions please ask!

This concept sounds good. 12 scenarios (24 if gender makes significant difference) is impressive. Are the expasions supposed to be sequels or enlarged versions of the original game?

Expansions would be sequels to the current game if it is successful enough. Oh, and I made the map in Photoshop, it took be about 5 hours to complete.

I hope you’ll be able to include the map into the game.

I have Photoshop but I do not think I could manage somethimg like that lol.

I’ve had a few years of experience with Photoshop and to figure this stuff out it takes a combination of tutorials and messing around with stuff… In the game I will be including the physical map, which you have seen, maybe slightly modified as the game progresses, as well as a road map which will allows players to more easily find where they are in the world while outside of a major city.

Hey guys, lots of progress being made on the game! I would say about the first 15 minutes of the game have been completed, but there is still much more to be done! I have decided to take innovative styles on a lot of the traditional aspects of most RPGs and I think a lot of people will really enjoy something new, but it is still most definitely an RPG in which the player can create a legendary hero all their own! Unfortunately, I don’t really have anything that I need opinions on at the moment, but more will definitely come shortly so stay tuned! And remember, input is ALWAYS welcome, even if I didn’t ask for any.