Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



Thanks so much for helping me hunt this down. Looks like I failed to reset the mules you took to the de Merre estate, so those remained deducted from “freemules” afterward. I’m about to send Jason a parcel of changes for an update soon, and that should (hopefully) fix this problem, plus a few others.

Note: any games in progress during an update will probably have a hiccup where the chapter restarts, while retaining some of the stat changes. This is almost always game-breaking (rather than an opportunity to get a super-powered save!) so I’d advise anyone reading this to finish your current readthroughs before the update drops…


Is it possible that there’s a similar problem after the market day raid? I think this is the first time I’ve successfully done it, and immediately afterwards I was attacked by theurges and lost about sixty people, even though I had a total of 40+ mules and had religiously reassigned them to Terret every week.

At the end of week 10 I had this:

The band has 54 mules. Of these, 19 are dedicated to the sick. 16 have not yet been committed to other tasks this week.

I also didn’t get the Market Day achievement (possibly because I picked the town Breden scouted?) but I doubt that’s connected.


@Havenstone kurios, is Phoolan Devi one of your inspiration for the game? Her story has a very Choice-of-Rebels-esque to it (except the rape part which is too dark for CoG, of course). She would be very fitting for a ruthless/ devout helot girl protagonist :slight_smile:


Wow okay considering how many friends or possible LI the mc can lose in the final battle is it safe to assume that they’re gonna back to haunt us in form of nightmares or something along those lines?


I actually came across her life story in a guesthouse in Nepal and read through it, thinking the whole time that it was very very Choice of Rebels. :slight_smile: It was when I’d already written almost all of Game I, so I can’t say it was a significant influence, but it would be a terrific model for a tragic helot bandit protagonist.



Choice of Rebels has a system of currency, the use of staters and silver. I am wondering what is the value of staters and silver. Can a single piece of silver buy a lot, for the average person? Our view is somewhat skewed, I think, whether we are a Helot or a Aristo. It is like the Aristo’s noble house. The house dealt with silvers, it says, and not staters. That the family wealth was tied up in trading, that is all gone because the protagonist rebels. How much wealth did the family possess before the rebellion? What is a lot of money to an impoverished but still titled and landed aristocratic house?

I ask because I do wonder on the value of all the loot my rebellion gained. In some playthroughs, I managed to gather some 20,000 to 30,000 (and a few time plus that) in silver. So, is 300 staters considered to be a fortune in this game world, even to a wealthy family?


The maximum money I achieve was 1500 no kidding. lol wow you are amazing


Really? A single weapon purchased costs your rebellion 100 silver each. To outfit an army of a few hundred, you will need tens of thousands of silver to pay for all the arms. You must have achieved more than 1500 silver.


Welcome to Mara rebellion. You must be new. 42 rebels Absolutely no violence, no weapons no raids no anarchy no steal . And When I say no Violence I mean it until the end my men only defend themselves not attack our cause any havoc. So I get no money no loot no weapons except what people donate to me. Evil Gandhi


Ah, that would explain it. I did try out that route, just to see what it would be like, but I just couldn’t stand it. The Rebellion was in such a sorry state, it broke my heart. It is interesting, though, that if you are peaceful then your people hate you for it, but if you are ruthless then they love you, even with high death tolls.

You will have to tell me how your playthrough works out in the coming books. I would be interested to know if there is benefit to that style of play. :slight_smile:


No they love you and moral is strong in fact i have no absolute issue in my power and none of my people let me or go rogue. In fact winter is a bliss and don’t lose a single person. I even achieve to defeat my enemy using a team effort They were defeated by desperation. Probably the most important defeat in proportion in Hegemony. All their troops against 20 people and they can’t win.

In fact my pacific troops of 20 manage to kill the mages and the plektoi with only 6 deaths… Yeah
Probably you in your pacifist try didn’t choose the most important choices. First don’t stop the Harrowing and Charisma as absolutely main skill. Only way to communicate pacifism is through Charisma lol


It sounds like an amazing playthrough. I’m definitely going to try one where I don’t stop the harrowing, but for my main PTs I just can’t stomach it. I love Elery too much (even if she’s constantly grumpy when I choose Zvad as LT) and I don’t want to lose any of the others, either.

Anyway, I have plans for a full pacifist playthrough, but I keep being set back by trying to perfect my “main” charisma MC, Esme.


My pacifist strategy is basically don’t doing anything and talking a lot and being noble. It’s even funny, because is a helot hater that has to pretend to like helots That’s why I called Mara Evil Gandhi .


I tried one playthrough where I let Elery and others die cause my character froze with fear, but nah can’t do it I like Elery too much (also why I make Breden my deputy so often is because I can’t stand Elery being hostile toward me)

Also wondering how much haughty aristo who holds no sympathy for helots is going to end regretting that behavior :thinking:
Like Linos warns haughty aristo that if she truly does not care for helots, better beware for the day when they realize it…I wanna see that happening. Course I had to create serious playthrough as haughty aristo, but will I have the stomach to handle that :unamused:


There is a thing called lie and pretending… A thing Politics and rebels are very good at. Or do you think Robespiere said during the early revolt. *" If you join us you will be killed because you don’t say The name of the new month and the new goddess right. All your son and daughter will die because famine and our own secret police after torture will guillotine all over the village. Nothing will remain" * Same for Stalin Hitler, Lenin …
If you don’t stop harrowing you never know Elery and the kids so you cannot mourn something you never knew. Your people is happy due all are adults, healthy and doing a good job for something they believe, without violence and fear. Nobody dies and they even learn to do new things.

My character is not Vlad , is against Harrowings and pretend stability and a feudalism with no slaves… Okay it is not a democracy avocado… But having rights , not being murdered and being able marry with whatever and have the children they please i think is a good argument my men think the same.


I am not a bloody aristo as I said ZERO violence. My character is more the good medieval ruler. That is just and fair with lessers but still believe they are lessers. This game setting is not modern so I can’t feel a democracy human rights from 1950 credible.


I have more fun playing as aristos who think they’re being super fair and egalitarian but still mostly come across as ignorant children when they try to empathize with the helots. Of course, a lot of how I develop my MCs going forward depends on how the supporting cast will change. And in the case of Reynard, on whether my intuitions about Breden are disproven or validated.

I couldn’t claim it’s realistic, in particular. It’s just my preferred style of play. And it’s just a matter of time before I develop an MC who’s a bit more, hmm, an enlightened autocrat? I guess that’s how they would describe themself.


I am sure that Machiavelli would have a few things to say about your governance style. :wink:

The Ancient Greeks did have a democracy, even to the point that the public had a direct say in the running of the country. The government even tried to pay people to show up and vote, apparently. But, for me, I quite liked the idea of the old Shayardian way of ruling; feudalism! :grin:

You know, the Hegemony reminds me a lot of the Tevinter Imperium, with all the blood magic and all. I imagine that ancient Tevinter would not be unlike the Hegemony in Rebels, and the protagonist becoming a Eclect screams parallels with Andraste, who is rumoured to be a mage herself in the Dragon Age lore. I wonder if people will come to think of the protagonist in a similar way to Andraste; the bride / bridegroom of Xthonos. :thinking:

Thinking of Blood Magic, if you choose not to use the scroll that makes you a Theurge, would the protagonist still be useful to the Rebellion? Or would they be smart but largely useless; not a fighter, not all that good with words, and not a blood mage.


It is a directly game over. In fact game assumes you are a Blood mage. For instance I tried a pacific not charisma intelligent based character. I no recommend that to anyone due is impossible . (I achieve it barely after loose half of people and could no feed myself or anyone) So no blood not anything I don’t even read the book at all.Due my character was religious and think magic as a blasphemy. Well I was alone in the forest due everyone’s dearh except like ten and games says using your magic blood… like Wtf magic and it was like my only option so I stop playing.

Basically my experience with game shows 90% of character builds i could imagine are absolutely impossible The level of difficulty are especially setting up for few ways and everything out of that is directly a failure. I understand that could be cool for metagamers but for me as role player has limited my replay value to zero . I know that if I don’t play the ortodox way I am doomed to die so my play through 999% never actually seen the save to next game. Except for Mara.
I should try sometime the mc rest of people plays with but for me is just boring save the kids


…except against the mages with the Plektoi, from the sounds of it? To get a nonviolence achievement, you should need to hold off on killing them, too.