Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

@HughMyronBrough wehere can I find your walkthrough for the flawless intellect 2 build you posted?

Here, I found it:

Also, in the long run, do y’all think the rebellion will have branching paths in the way The Infinity Series does? In Lords you can choose to stay at your estate or go to the capital, and I think I remember reading somewhere that in XoR book 3 or 4 we’ll be able to head to other provinces or solidify our power in Shayard. It’d be a lot of work, but I also think it would be very cool to see such different sides of the rebellion and their consequences.

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Current plan is Book 3 you’ll be able to either spend time in Whendery or the Westriding of Shayard, in Book 4 in either Nyryal or the Shayard Reach, and in Book 5 either eastern Erezza or Aveche. Each will take up one chapter, or much of one. We’ll see if I can live up to the ambition. :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind me asking, will there be another part that we have to minmax as intensely as the Winter in Uprising?


Let’s see how the complexity of Chs 2 and 3 in G2 turns out. I think it’ll feel very different to G1 Ch2 – it won’t be a grinding survival game – but I’m not sure yet whether rebellion-optimizers will find it equally rich from a minmaxing perspective.


You mean it will be a complex “stay under the radar” personal, as opposed to a large band of people this time, survival game in a Shayardene town?

That seems to be where the real politicking starts, eh? With the mc attempting to influence and possibly unite (or divide) multiple factions in (Grand) Shayard.

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Something I’ve wondered for a long time, and don’t know if it was asked before, is there any possibility we suffer physical mutations while in Xaos?

A couple of things should be going on in Ch 2:

  • First, you’ll be remote-managing (or remote-influencing, or just remote-monitoring) the revolt in the Rim. You’ll personally be in the Southriding, lying low, but still in communication with rebel leaders back in the Rim, including whoever you left as leader of your band (if G1 Ch4 went well enough for you to appoint a leader). There will be decisions on the rebel tactics you want to encourage/discourage, relationships to strengthen or sabotage, etc.
  • Second, you’ll be engaging with the village of Irduin where you’re lying low. You can choose to stir up chaos there – or you might think it’s found a stability worth protecting, where the nobles, helots, priests, merchants, and yeomen are about as good to each other as it’s possible to be under the Hegemony. That stability is buckling under external threat: the new village Telone, with the connections to outside authorities he brings, and your rebellion, the Rim Commotion, which has shaken up the cordial relations between the classes in the village.

The “you” in that last paragraph refers to a generic MC, not your Maoist helot firebrand, @idnlun, who will obviously not consider the Irduin balance one worth protecting. :slight_smile:

Ch 2 will be in some ways a small scale version of the full-on factional politicking that starts, as you note, in Ch 3.

It has been speculated about before, and I responded here.


That gave me tactical whiplash. And made excited at all the amount of games we have left. I’m also cool either way, just curious about the different kinds of changes that can be possible.

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Yep, considering the helots are still subhuman farm animals and slaves and the caste system nonsense is still being propagated did you really think my mc would let an opportunity, however small it may be, since he is just on his own, slip by?

This will be interesting indeed my mc has become very interested in the telones and other low level Hegemony officials as potentially a lot of them may be like Bleys, despised themselves, doing thankless jobs where they are not appreciated and indeed almost as oppressed as the lower rungs of the yeomen by the Alastors.
This does obviously not apply to all of them, so learning more about their organisation, structure and position in society would help my mc better estimate who among may be susceptible to be turned to his side and potentially promoted as vital source of trained professionals. Especially since my mc does not want to draw his professionals from the provincial nobility or the church and it would be good if he has a second source besides the merchants and the few more educated foreigners he might inspire.


So I’ve really liked this game, but I find micromanaging the winter to be excessively tedious in multiple replays. How well does your deputy do if you automanage it? Is there any content you can only get via manually handling the winter?

Heh don’t worry about it, (speaking for only myself) I liked pushing the Winter to the limit, but I also like the idea of other challenges and experiences, and more opportunities for self-expression rather than minmaxing.

And if every book had a chapter as brutal as G1Ch2, it would take us…20 years to minmax the series, at the rate we’re going lol. Though perhaps the time will speed up dramatically once we get a bigger fanbase and more minmaxers to bounce ideas off of.

Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun! I know which path my Ruthless Helots are going to take, but as for the Nobles…aside from the option to stabilize the current order, will there be a chance to help your fellow Aristocrats get even stronger?

The Deputy is actually decent if you let the Harrowing happen, but is somewhat poor if you stopped the Harrowing. If your goal is to evade the enemy army or run back to the camps, you can do fine anyways. If you let Deputy run the Winter (and stop the Harrowing) and want to actually fight, you’ll probably lose some lieutenants (the named characters like Elery and Kala) and barely win, or lose the battle outright.

And yes, there is content you can only get via manually managing the Winter. “Flawless Victory” (you fight and all the named characters live) with certain builds, specifically Ruthless Helot builds, requires near-perfect manual management.


Yes-- you can accept that the old ways are breaking down but try to encourage a new order in which the nobles are clearly dominant.


And can you perform a reform instead of breaking whole thing if you want to be pro-helot instead of pro-aristo?

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I’m not sure that, even with a 2CHA character, you’ll be able to convince the aristos to just free the helots and end their oppression.

A pro-helot reform at this stage requires breaking things, as helots are currently sub-human farm animals according to the divinely ordained caste system. Said caste system being the bedrock of the Hegemony’s version of order.
Any pro helot reform requires dealing with those facts on the ground and since the mc and their rebellion are not currently a government themselves at this point helping helots requires breaking down the Hegemony’s version of order. Even if you are planning to go the eclect route and/or only poke small holes to allow for limited helot mobility.
At present even that cannot be done due to the hegemonic moloch that is the Hegemony theocracy.

However since the helots already die the most horrible painful death imaginable after a life of untold suffering in slavery even dying any other death is an admittedly very marginal improvement, but an improvement nonetheless.
As it isn’t really possible to harm the helots any more than they already are any further breakdowns in civil order hurt the non-helot groups who used to derive some benefit from it more than it hurts the helots.

That being said in as much as it is possible my mc will try make sure further breakdowns affect the provincial nobility and the priesthood more than the others.


That doesn’t help helots either, you know. Breaking down civil order just leads to more depredations against those least able to defend themselves. Until you’re in a position to give the helots something better, they will continue to suffer.

…Dude. “It doesn’t matter what I do to the helots, if they suffer and die from it it’s still better than a Harrowing”? That’s a really far-out self-justification.


There is another aspect to this, though, which is roleplay. If you are to optimise the narrative with a modern mindset, then of course you can reach the conclusions that you’re reaching. If you’re pushing the narrative forward from the perspective of a helot, though, it’s much more reasonable to have a plan of “burn everything down and figure out the details afterwards.”

This is well-said but in the context of the XoR world this would typically be a thought only an Aristo MC could present.

The Hegemony has ensured that the helots have no education and as little skill in critical thinking as possible. The helots have been exposed to constant violence and abuse, being treated in a most appalling manner at all stages of life - Book 2 Chapter 2 notwithstanding.

They understand that the system must be changed, and understand that those who hold power use violence to maintain it. It is entirely reasonable for a helot rebel to have a “shoot first, ask questions later” policy with regards to the progression of their rebellion, isn’t it?


Indeed it is and there can be no half measures on the caste system…because we have seen in the real world where half-measures get you.

The symbolism of posthumously caging the most prominent casteless leader is well…not a great look to put it lightly.


A helot with INT 2 has as much of an education as an aristo with the same, due to Olynna and an aristocratic friend. So there is that.

Oh, aye. As you noted, I’m usually arguing against @idonotlikeusernames from an aristocratic and fairly conservative perspective.

(We argue in this thread all the time. Part of the charm.)