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Consider that a lot of the grain will be used as porridge and ale, not just bread. Porridge is going to be particularly common because it doesn’t demand yeast and the water will thicken the grain; it won’t actually have more calories but it’ll make you feel more full (especially useful if you’re feeding subsistence or half-rations). And porridge is also the kind of food where you can throw in random treats if you find them - stuff that the game doesn’t track; we’re talking rabbits or quail killed by the kids, some late-blooming berry bushes, or maybe two-day-dead chicken that the looters chopped when they were raiding a noble estate.



Mainly grits and semolina, I assume. Just as I assume those shipments of barley came with some yeast, salt, oil, and other necessities. But in terms of a fannish craft project, baking barley bread is much more fun and exciting than semolina porridge. long sigh I guess I must suppose that that’s what Radmar’s massive strength is supposed to be for, and that he actually hand-ground all the flour that the helots used to bake in the woods. That is how he got his name, isn’t it?



I totally understand, as some of my own questions on details has led me to do research as well. The issue with medieval recipes is that, due to them being so common, they were almost never written down, and when they changed nobody saw a reason to record the old ones.

I believe that barley is mixed with wheat due to barley’s very low gluten content. That way, it will get a better rise (The wheat probably adds some flavor). An issue with today’s bread is that it is almost never pure. For example, wheat will be mixed with malted barley for a naturally sweeter taste. But in medieval times, for very basic bread, it was really just flour, salt, and water.

As for grinding the grain, I just assumed that hand mills were part of the equipment that was being transported from camp-to-camp, but maybe I was mistaken.



Yes, that fits with what I read. The low gluten (and high fiber) is what gives barley bread its characteristic taste and texture. One of the recipes I checked out described it charmingly as (roughly translated) “dense, bland and rough-crusted”. And that was with 1:1 white wheat flour, before the baker changed the recipe to 3:1 wheat, and added assorted other ingredients.

As for making bread from flour, salt and water, it can definitely be done (I’ve done it, though not since childhood). You can even make it on a campfire if you’re in a rush, or if your god just turned a river to blood or something.

Now, on to another vital question: peplos or stola?



Peplos. (+20 characters)

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May I ask if there will be any new heterosexual partners in future continuations? Sorry to say this but I prefer a love interest that doesn’t inexplicably have horrible things happen to me when she’s around while also being able to role play as heterosexual :sweat_smile:


Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints

See the list here for the answer to that question:



I thought I wasn’t interested in the love interests in future books (much too busy with the metaphysics, yo) but then I saw the word “abhuman” and, well.

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My anarchy is a little lower and I cannot recruit the noble too.



If I recall correctly, to recruit the noble you have to have anarchy score of 20 at most.

Basically, you should avoid raiding nobles, temples, and garrisons to keep your anarchy low. It’s pretty hard to keep your rebels well fed if you’re not raiding but you can ask/raid helots and yeomen for bushels and it’s better if you don’t stop the Harrowing at the beginning if you want things that way. You can also steal/ask mules from the yeomen and then sell those mules.



Based from @Ramidel’s guide, it seems you could do some raiding but not too much. But for those who don’t want to chance it, they have to beg for food and hunt.

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or you can just check the help/hints thread



And yeah, getting Simon/Suzane is a delicate balance because you need to keep your peeps fed without burning the Rim. Though obviously you can steal freely from the helotry without anarchy, I don’t advise doing so regularly.



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When playing on desktop, I’m encountering a recurring situation where after a big raid in chapter 2, my mules don’t get un-allocated. I would be at the beginning of a new week, before having committed to any raids, and I don’t have any mules to send on a grain run. I should have enough, I know I should. I’m almost certain this is a bug.

This is the text I get – again, right as the week begins, before any raids or anything else. It’s making getting through the winter needlessly difficult.

The band has 27 mules. Of these, 15 are dedicated to the sick. 3 have not yet been committed to other tasks this week.

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Hmm. I assume you haven’t put any standing orders in place (e.g. raid barns or nobles for the rest of the winter)?

Some of the other things that can soak up your mules: caravan raids you aren’t leading (e.g. Elery’s off with a raiding party and will be back next week), or Bleys fencing stuff from the tax raid. Might it be one of those?



No standing orders, no Bleis, no smuggling and no raiding distant passes. Like I said, it showed up like that immediately after the start of week flavor text (when the babies are born, I think it’s week six). This time, I think it happened immediately after raiding the de Merre estate. Not sure when it happened last time.

This is a COM2 CHA1 helot character, although I’m not sure that’ll be relevant.



Thanks so much for helping me hunt this down. Looks like I failed to reset the mules you took to the de Merre estate, so those remained deducted from “freemules” afterward. I’m about to send Jason a parcel of changes for an update soon, and that should (hopefully) fix this problem, plus a few others.

Note: any games in progress during an update will probably have a hiccup where the chapter restarts, while retaining some of the stat changes. This is almost always game-breaking (rather than an opportunity to get a super-powered save!) so I’d advise anyone reading this to finish your current readthroughs before the update drops…



Is it possible that there’s a similar problem after the market day raid? I think this is the first time I’ve successfully done it, and immediately afterwards I was attacked by theurges and lost about sixty people, even though I had a total of 40+ mules and had religiously reassigned them to Terret every week.

At the end of week 10 I had this:

The band has 54 mules. Of these, 19 are dedicated to the sick. 16 have not yet been committed to other tasks this week.

I also didn’t get the Market Day achievement (possibly because I picked the town Breden scouted?) but I doubt that’s connected.

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@Havenstone kurios, is Phoolan Devi one of your inspiration for the game? Her story has a very Choice-of-Rebels-esque to it (except the rape part which is too dark for CoG, of course). She would be very fitting for a ruthless/ devout helot girl protagonist :slight_smile:

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