Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Yeah agree. But we are all with enemies I have less as my objectives will be less ambitious. Still Mara will have a pure charisma and not having combat and army i think most states will want use her services as is not a threat

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With Breden , there are two charismatic personnel in my group … both of of us will tag in and out to talk everyone into joining us willingly :slight_smile:

Cabel’s dead, and the surviving supporters of Cabel’s rebellion are happy to follow a helot. Yeomen are easy enough to win over in general.

Heck, I figure that yeomen will make out like bandits in the event of breaking up the great estates and giving each helot six acres, simply because there is no way you can support a family on six acres of independent farmland without spilling blood. Most of the helots will fall right back into tenantry or even hired labor. The great estates will end up in yeomen hands after you liquidate the nobility.

Her son isn’t and he has the same name, you know very well it’s him, Jaq Cabel I’m talking about here.

In any case a helot mc in particularly has to be wary and probably justifiably paranoid if they want to have any chance at all of staying on top and not be re-enslaved.

Which is why my mc isn’t doing that, he’d try to introduce more work animals and mechanization and try to reform the great estates from being run for the profit of their noble owners into worker-owned cooperatives. My mc knows magic, even more so by the end of the series and he’ll know full well that the six-acre plan would spell disaster for most helots. Which is why he won’t back it. And to expropriate the oppressors it’s not like you need to either.

Hey i’m new to the forums, but i’ve played COG games for a long time, and let me just say that this one is definitely my favorite. Just how detailed is, how many choices there are and how engaging the story and characters are on their own. Like i’d love to read this as a novel series, then again a lot of the enjoyement comes from getting to choose what happens. I’ve pretty much been playing as a sort of Robin Hood/Vladimir Lenin figure. Trying to instigate a massive workers/slaves revolt agaisn’t the nobles and merchants and tear don the system, but with a folksy hero sort of flair to it. And that’s why I love this game, no other high fantasy media that i’m aware off allows for such a thing to exist. But this one, you can really shape your character and the nature of the rebellion in many ways and I love it.

Just a couple of questions for the author if they’re avaliable, first off, there really is a sequel coming, and if so, I suppose everything we did on the first part will carry on to the second right? And secondly, is there a third or even fourth part planned as well or just the second one? I mean this is already massive in length as it is so if you have like millions of words of story left well, that is something else.

Anyway just a lot of props to the author, i’d really had a blast experiencing every little path and decision and such, i’d reccomended the game to all my friends who love high fantasy or medieval fantasy fiction.


So far as I know, the author’s current plans as of the end of the Work-In-Progress thread for game 1, are for 5 games with 4 chapters per game.

The Choice of Rebels Wiki has some spoiler information on the future chapters and it will probably get updated from time to time.


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There’s a CoG game that I was all set to buy until I discovered that your fiance only turns out to be the villain if your relationship score isn’t very high. I immediately lost interest and never bought the game. I really hate that sort of character inconsistency. Personally I’d have found it far more intriguing if your fiance turned out to be the villain even if you had a high relationship score with them. When an author changes the personality and goals of a character around based on totally unconnected events I lose interest fast.

If Breden’s goals shift because they’ve fallen in love with the MC, I’m ok with that. That’s good storytelling. But if Breden is only a kryptast if the MC thinks she is, then I have a serious problem with the story…


Totally with you on that but havie is far better than that. If not i will be grumpy at him… I can be grumpy

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Thank you @muffy. I had wondered whether that would work but I had never actually tried it :grimacing:.

I am guessing you mean The Hero Unmasked. I did not consider it inconsistent, but rather setting character background just as we could pick the kind of relationship the MC had with the fiancé. We could choose whether to be genuinely in love or to have felt pressured into agreeing to a wedding the MC never wanted at all. The fiancé’s personality and whether the fiancé turns out to be a villain do not seem unrelated to me. I actually really liked that game.

It does not matter for my MCs because for none of my MCs will Breden survive game 1. Since I was too late suggesting it, I headcanon that what would have happened is that Breden would have been tried and executed for dereliction of duty/criminal negligence regardless of whether or not my MC believed Breden was the traitor. Alas, my MCs will have to settle for “failing” to stop Radmar or settling the matter personally. My main MC has the entire Hegemony to liberate and can’t be bothered to fret about Breden or the MC’s cousins. No individual who is at best regionally significant compares to the importance of the whole Hegemony (and beyond!)

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And once I realized the fiance was whatever you wanted them to be they stopped feeling real to me and I lost all interest in them. The fiance turning out to be the villain if you didn’t like them didn’t feel natural or organic to me.

Eh. I’m no Breden fan, but neither do I like to kill characters without real evidence aside from OOC meta-plot knowledge.

My MCs do not like killing without evidence either. However, evidence of Breden’s incompetence is ample and sufficient. Leaving the food for the entire band untended when Breden had been brought into the search for the traitor and thus should have known a traitor could be present is sufficient grounds to execute Breden as far as my MCs are concerned. At that point, it does not matter whether or not Breden poisoned the food. It is also hardly the first instance of Breden’s incompetence but it will be the last.


I find it entirely reasonable that this could occur in Book 2! Once the MC returns from the Xaos-lands and takes back the helm of the rebellion, it seems very possible that there will be a reckoning with Breden: just as surely as a Breden-loving MC will have a joyous reunion, the Breden-haters should have an opportunity to hold xhim to account in public for xhis supposed crimes.

Is that the correct way to use Breden / genderless pronouns? I’m entirely unfamiliar with the parlance.

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The problem is that this might require strife with another rebel group since Breden would no longer be under the MC’s authority. There is no reason plot-wise why the trial could not have happened in game 1 after escaping the Hegemony forces while questioning the cooks. Hence the need to correct that oversight by the game.

I could be wrong but I think so. It comes from the source code so far as I know and that is how the source code seems to use it.
    Your rebellion began in your hometown of Rim Square, thanks in significant part to Breden, a young helot…
        *set xhe "he"
        *set xhis "his"
        *set xhim "him"
        *set xhers "his"
        *set xkuria "kurios"
        *set xmilady "milord"
        *set xgirl "boy"
        *set xsister "brother"
        *set femalepref false
        *set malepref true
        *set zhe "she"
        *set zhis "her"
        *set zhim "her"
        *set zkuria "kuria"
        *set zmilady "milady"
        *set zgirl "girl"
        *set zhers "hers"
        *set zsister "sister"

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For my MC who marry Breden, Simon hold my magic sword and is the acting leader… while Breden following me to Xaos Land , Simon is the most honourable and loyal protege of mine … definitely nothing to worry here…

While my MC who romance Suzane , Suzane follow me to Xaos land and the acting leader is Alina, another loyal follower …

hence my rebels are all in good hands :slight_smile:

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Hello all! Just back from a ten-day family trek in the phone-and-internet-free paradise of Langtang. Took the Havenpebbles up to 4100 m to find snow, which they don’t usually get to play in. Loads of fun.

I’ve not thought about musical notation, and while musical cryptograms are super-cool, I don’t think I’ll write them into XoR – I’ll leave them to other authors.

As for natural disasters, I don’t expect them to feature in the story – they’d distract from the human-caused disasters that are at its heart – so I’ve not put a lot of work into extrapolations from the winds, currents, and plates I came up with while drafting the world. Wiendrj and the Rim are on fault lines, and thus quake-prone, but not volcanic.

For the rest, I’m not going to give a word-of-God answer. Though I do expect the Hegemony would only intervene with wildfires to protect major settlements, rather than trying quixotically to stamp them out. The attempt to prevent all wildfires is pretty American and decidedly modern, combining control-of-nature hubris with a dash of democratic idealism (i.e. the protection of the small, scattered property interests of individual citizens) and a less idealistic capitalist reality.

Good article, thanks for sharing. Yes, XoR is actively trying to lean against the authoritarian tropes in fantasy (without falling off the other side into a Whiggish fantasia of a smooth path out of authoritarianism).

You are absolutely correct in this… as will become clear in Game 1 Ch 1 when you meet your first potential Nyrish ally, the spy Jevahir.

@arturias, welcome and thanks for your kind words about Choice of Rebels! Glad you enjoyed it. There is definitely a sequel in progress – if slowly – and you will be able to carry over your choices from Game 1. Unfortunately, like many other works of serial high fantasy, Choice of Rebels will require patience of its fans as it takes a long time to get those millions of words down…

It’s been a while since I said it, but it hasn’t changed: there is a true answer to the identity of the Rim Square traitor(s) and the related question of whether Breden is/was a Kryptast or similar Hegemonic spy. I don’t intend to reveal it unambiguously on any playthrough, but never fear, it will shape the story in a consistent way.


Think you meant Book 2.

Hey, as long as you keep writing when the TV deal is signed, we’ll be cool.

This is great to have reiterated. Old Joana and the MC’s Father will rue the day they betrayed the Rebellion! :crossed_swords:


And I hope The player could say I don’t care what Breden is and just slaughtering Then looking for the responsible that will believe xhe is safe. Because at this point I don’t care what she is in my walkthrough she is a nuisance a coward pain in the ass and i want her dead.


You are correct. :slight_smile:

You can already do that from Game 1. :slight_smile: For those who chased Breden away rather than slaughtering them, there will be subsequent opportunities.


I know others can slaughter her sadly is not Mara case. Still hoping destroying any trace of her from history records until she become the word for Devil. Breden.