Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

That’s only if you don’t allow Breden to lead raids on the temples, reassure the people, get mules and food from merchants and yeomen. You have to try to limit her actions for the band to make sure Breden doesn’t gain too much support. It worked out well for me in the end after I got frustrated and realized what I did wrong. Once I realized it, I started having Zvad, Elery and Radmar lead on certain things while putting limits on Breden, I was able to gain enough support to turn the band against her helot camp idea. Pretty tempted to start a new game where I do the same but I execute them after the poisoning.

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Heh, I realy not sure that Breden is a traitor. Precisely because there is too much evidence toward them. Someone so smart should be able to cover their tracks more skillfully.
Also, here we have poisoning incindent. I doubt that all three are traitors, and if we believe them, that they were watching each other, and only time someone could poison food is when they left it together for some time, then there should be additional traitor besides Breden to poison it. Yup, knowing how charismatic Breden is, they could recruit someone inside group for help, but that would be overthinking… following that logic, I could condemn all of the group as potentional traitors.

Of course, I still highly suspicious toward Breden, but at the same time I can’t help but feel that something is off.


True, but who really knows what will happen in the sequel? I made Breden come with me and Yed to the Xaos-Lands and left Zvad to lead my rebellion in Shayard in my absence. I did that to test Breden to see if he was really a traitor or not without having him know that I’m giving him the test. If he is a traitor then I’ll leave him behind there, if not, well I’d have to take a hard look at Radmar because he’s one of the three that did not show up at the meeting when the group was caught and sent to a Harrowing. I’d honestly be shocked if it was Radmar the entire time due to his actions and the fact that he is married to a former helot man which is forbidden by the Theurgy. I’d also consider Joana and the father too. As a helot (I think) your father will admit to betraying someone to the Alastors but he gets killed by the Plektoi raid so problem solved on that end, I suppose.


What about the fact that if you kill Breaden early on your food doesn’t
get poisoned?


That’s good to know. That’s strong giveaway that Breden is indeed traitor… or maybe real traitor decided not to act, since he didn’t have suitable target to be the scapegoat.


On current plans, at the end of Game IV, the Thaumatarch will fall–though many of the key decisions in that game will already be governance decisions, over the bits of the former Hegemony where your rebellion holds sway.

Game V will be all about consequences post-Hegemony. The war between major factions and outside powers will be a big part of it, but the governance theme will be an even bigger part, with you grappling with the responsibilities of being a rebel who won.


Yeah that’s one of the reasons why I’m very suspicious towards Breden.

Will we be crowned King/Queen once the Thaumatarch falls? Or will we have the option to create a new government system that doesn’t depend on nobility?


I do not believe Breden is a traitor.

Too many deliberate circumstantial evidences are given in the game to make us suspect she is the traitor. There is not one hard evidence that points fingers at her. (For ex. she really could have had left her sot unattended as she defended herself) On the other hand I do not think a spy or traitor would have done what she can do in the game as the band’s 2nd-in-command, including going past the ward, coming up with an escape strategy without which the rebels would have been wiped out, and also the Rimsqaure harrowing in which you were not exposed until Breden calls you out if you decide to stand by till the end.

If Breden was a traitor the authority should have known about you before that.

I think the traitor is one of less memorable characters who did’t do much in the first episode. It’s entirely possible that the exposure of the meeting was simply coincidence and a traitor started leaking information after the first chapter. There are so many possibilities but my gut feeling tells me Breden is innocent in this.


Feel the paranoia, feel the paranoia. That said I do think Breden is highly dodgy and my mc is still a bit concerned Simon might either be a Laconnier plant or at least harbour sympathies for their cause.
I think Breden might be manipulated by the real kryptast in the rebellion, but she certainly is a power-hungry snake with too much charisma. I really think they were just a helot recruited, or perhaps more accurately impressed by the Kryptasts to do their dirty work for them.

I don’t think we know the whole story, but innocent goes a bit too far I think, their own hunger for power plus trying to possibly play double agent for both the Hegemony and the rebellion, until they can decisively determine which way the wind is going to be blowing to conveniently side with the victor cannot be ruled out.


Not necessarily. Remember how the Hegemony deals with rebellions - they encourage them! A rebellion that succeeds for a while is what they’d call a “good” rebellion - it spills around, breaks things, gets the various orders all pissed at each other and then is easily mopped up when the Phalangites come, ending in a massive Harrowing that provides fresh blood for the war machine. If Breden’s a Kryptast catspaw, they wouldn’t necessarily be telling the locals anything - that’d kill the rebellion too quickly.

That said, the one I’m certain is a Hegemony agent is Sybla. Follow the bouncy ball - if Zvad runs off to rejoin her, he spills intel to the Hegemony, and her training was just enough to get your people confident that they can fight, without giving them a serious chance. What the Hegemony wants is for you to fight and lose - and if you win that, it’s because the Hegemony underestimated you somehow.


Yep, Sybla certainly is suspect, though I’m not as convinced as you are, after all neither she and Zvad were there at Rim Square, she may well be a Hegemony agent, but she isn’t the primary traitor/embedded Kryptast that most concerns me.
From the next game onwards the headaches will only increase and my mc at least will probably need to start to worry about the Laconniers and possibly Cabel too (depending on exactly how helot-friendly his brand of rebellion is and whether it will be possible to co-opt them). In any case there’s no co-opting the Laconniers for my mc.


I honestly doubt that they’d embed a full Kryptast in a rebellion like this. That’s what the minions are for.

And if Breden is a puppet, that explains why their acts of apparent treason are so random - they aren’t a pro Kryptast.


Here’s the thing. Once you get rid of Breden during chapter 1, there isn’t much talk of having a traitor. And the poisoning scene doesn’t show up if Breden is long gone.


I doubt that Breden is the actual traitor. That just seems way too simplistic. I think @Havenstone is leading towards eliciting an emotional response from the player over their decision to kill/exile Breden or not which will probably means that is some type of deal where technically Breden is a traitor but also technically isn’t st the same time. One thing is for sure Breden is somehow connected to the traitor in some kind of way, if albeit not the traitor herself.

And when this becomes revealed players who killed Breden will have to deal with the fact that they killed an innocent member of their band, but in doing so also protected the band. Also Im guessing if you kill her then whoever the real traitor/enemy is going to use her death against you most likely to hurt your public image.

And those that didn’t kill Breden will get the satisfaction of not having killed an innocent member of the band. But because of how she’s linked to the traitor I’m guessing the band will be calling for her execution/exile. And then you will have decide whether to execute/exile an innocent member of your band or allow her to stay in the band and try to break whatever connection she has to the traitor but in the process hurt the band and simultaneously hurt your leadership position in the band. So basically it’ll come to down to either Breden or your followers and you having to choose.

I’m guessing it’s something along these lines because if it was actually Breden deliberately doing traitorous acts everyone would just replay part 1 of the game and do a play through where they kill Or someone else kills Breden.

Although the only any of this would be viable I think, is if Breden is somehow being mind controlled or something like that (Which I know others have suggested as well). That or maybe she secretly stole something that is allowing the Hegemony to spy on the camp from afar or something. Or maybe theurges did something freaky to her mind to where she thinks that by betraying those closest to her that she is actually helping them? There’s no telling really.


I did a playthrough yesterday with getting rid of Breden before raiding
a noble estate
and i still come back to Zvad and tell him they
new we were coming.

Also at the end when you fight, even though we didn’t get poisoned
without Breden when you choose to stand and fight
all your scouts say they know too much.

So i have changed my mind on this matter


The way I do see it, the most likely candidates of the traitor would have to be Breden, Radmar, old Joana, the MC’s father or Sybla. Of course we do have the option of getting rid of Breden and the father gets killed by a Plektoi but if the sequel still speaks of the traitor then it has to be one of those three. I’d have a hard time believing it was someone else than those I listed as the candidates but unless there is solid proof, we don’t know for sure but I probably wouldn’t budge from saying it is Breden because there’s too much situations that paints Breden in a pretty bad way.


There is, like i said before if you raid the nobility you still get the
sceen where you
tell Zvad that they were warned and when you choose to stand and fight
all of your generals say they know too much.

Was it the first time that you raided a noble farm? If so, then Zvad might be that guy. In fact if you choose to fight back, he runs away to Sybla. But as I said, we don’t know for sure yet.

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Brenden could have passed that information to them before being killed or kicked out of the band.