Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

It’d be great if we could choose the second RO as the gender we are attracted to without it locking the MC as bisexual. The solution I came up with for this is choosing the asexual option when my MC meets Breden and then agreeing to it when RO2 tries to talk the MC to still give them a chance.


It isno role-playing valid as I have to follow what choice said. And I can’t be aro if Mara isn’t

Many Ukrainians immigrants I knew were absolutely certain the Holodomor was intentional, a way to break the Ukrainian resistance movement by murdering the population in which they hid and drew support. I need to see Bitter Harvest one of these days.

Breden was…useful, but I did not find her personality attractive, and physically she was a blank slate, which didn’t feel very real to me. She got “friend-zoned” as a result.

I largely agree with you, although my memory is fuzzy on whether or not Suzane was described better. I certainly liked Suzane’s personality much more however.

Agreed. I ended up editing the code to get a romance with Suzane without having to lie about the sex I’m attracted to when first encountering Breden. @Havenstone had his reasons for doing things the way he did however.


I see. Probably for me it’s easier to accept that bc the results it gave when I tried it with Breden wasn’t so far from my real life experiences with sex.

Guess you are right about Suzane’s appearence. Now that I think about it all I remember that it was written about her looks was that she has black hair. And given her background being a blade master and all I automaticaly imagined her with an athletic built. But personality-wise I agree with you she is definitely better than Breden, actually so far she is my favorite character.

What were those reasons?


Thought of doing that too but idk how to that and I wouldn’t want to accidentaly ruin the game.


See the 2nd paragraph of the following post for @Havenstone’s own words:

It can certainly be a bit daunting the first time. See the following thread for more info on it if you’re interested:


And helped me do so too, thanks for that!

Starvation is a horrid tactic, certainly and it is presumably what most of the helot population will face under the Laconniers, who want to bring back the old system and the old famines or the Leaguers who really don’t care. The Hallasurq’s on the other hand are likely to embark on their own orgy of slavery and genocide.
While no rebellion, including the one of my mc, can absolutely guarantee there won’t be famine I think he’d be the only one not to prioritize the current elites in such an event. .

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Hey, I will not starve Shayard helots I will share equally the food in Shayard. I just let rest of Hegemony fence for themselves. But Is not Laconiers = Helots haters I mean all we have to sacrifice something. I would try to maintain other provinces except Hegemony main land. Still I don’t think I could save them I would save all I can.

I will use nacionalism but I will share food equally. Nobles will retain property but while famine is running the crops are property of state and shared equally. I need my commoners alive or all is lost

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I don’t think there will be hunger as long as there is enough animals in the forest… my bear meat alone can already sustain half of my rebel’s ration, we just need to breed enough rabbits and dears and sustain the trees in the forest :slight_smile:

forest cannot guarantee a supply for hundred of millions during several years like you could imagine barely could save a several hundreds lol.


But the forest seems capable enough to supply food to rabbits and dears, animals eat less anyway… so animals eat plant, we eat animals…Lol :-):rofl:

My friend ecological systems doesn’t work that way I assure you and more in a realistic game maybe you just let harrowing going or you will starving everyone :wink:


Hmmm… i sincerely hope there are ways other than Harrowing, because that’s my speech when i rally all the villagers “There must be other ways than Harrowing, Thaumatrach is tainting the true teaching of the Angels” …

Harrowing should be like nuclear power plant , there should be renewable or alternative sourses of energy after we dismantle all nuclear power plant :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Firstly, I’m quoting this in full next time someone tells me one of my writing projects is “overly ambitious”.

Second, well, when I say “the rebellion” it’s sort of like when New Yorkers say “the city”… Of course I know there are other rebellions. I just know that mine is the best. And soon, they will, too.


Sartifer sounds to me like Lucifer saucepan why? Sarten means saucepan and Sarten + Lucifer = Sartifer :wink:
@Havenstone could I just kill him right away no use he is an heretic so Burning in a stake rip. Mara would never accept the help of one teurge even if is game over. Now if it is , I have to create other character instead Evil Gandhi

Oh, that’s excellent! It gives a chance for the writer to wrangle different aspects of alliances and Hegemonic breakdown into the story. Plus, it sort of takes the MC’s exceptionalism away. I mean, I imagine that, after the Whendward Band scores their first big win against the Karagond authorities, the system is going to break down pretty quickly.

I think your character is the one shaping the more unique route than anyone else’s, Mara. I’m pretty solid that by Game 3 we’ll have the “INT2 route” the “COM0 easy route” and the “Mara route” :slightly_smiling_face:


I really believe I would not reach the end of the series. But for once a game let me a serious and brutal stakes role-playing I will follow. And Mara is totally against Teurge and will never use it so I start to suspect that is directly gameover in the next game.

That’s true of almost everyone in the game though, isn’t it? Kalt gets a description. Suzane doesn’t; nor do Elery, Pin or (beyond a superficial “big and strong”) Radmar, or most of the rest. In general I’m happy for readers to fill in physical details, not just for romanceable characters.


That’s a good philosophy not describe too much. Also I would be able to skip and burn the lucifer guy orI am supposed to use Blood magic Because I need to know it to create another character.

I wonder what options you have planned for players who don’t intend to (or succeed in) becoming one of the ruling powers of the post-Hegemony?

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