Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


I think the author mentioned the Elery might be included as a romance in the next game. Not sure if that’s changed though.

Here’s the comment I’m thinking of: Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


Well ain’t that news. I guess the only thing to do now is to tell Elery and Zvad to stop banging so the player can “Romance” her. Nothing bad will come of it I’m sure and there’s probably going to be plenty of people jumping at the chance of cucking Zvad

Sarcastic Ass mode activate

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That might have been a tad too snobby but I was having a pretty bad day and I needed the laugh

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I’d suggest that you just happened to be RPing full-on adrenaline rush gameplay when you discovered that surviving the winter is much, much easier without kids in your rebellion. That’s a discovery you’d also make as a genuinely smart and careful character who keeps their head down at the Harrowing. The game as a whole doesn’t reward playing for the adrenaline rush – it’s littered with failure conditions for people who rush into the obvious-seeming choice. (I’m sure we’ll be seeing complaints about those too.)

If you’ve got kids with you, getting everyone through the winter is a tough challenge. And yes, “getting rid of them” will alienate the helot community that’s followed you into the wilderness… but is that surprising?

There are various places in the game where “playing normally” won’t lead to the smoothest and easiest path through – where failure as well as victories produce interesting conditions (and achievements), or where characters’ reactions reflect their character rather than a typical game mechanic (e.g. playing as a noble who kisses Breden at the first opportunity). I understand these may be annoying, and I’m sorry if they ruin your enjoyment of the game.


Oh no, I still enjoyed the heck out of it. I also forgot/didn’t realize that keeping your head down during the harrowing was an option. Sorry for being so rash about it, thinking back I did play it after a three hour TLH run. Its just that every way I saw the rebellion working out involved having to be eighter losing some of your power to not be a horrible person or be a powerful early version of Sauron. Stealth was allmost never an option in my mind since the empire was so big I saw it as making up both the legal and illegal system so we would be found out and quickly snuffed out and then even the fact that someone rebelled( which helps others rebel and join our cause, which I needed the most.) would be gone
Yeah, I knew that some adults would leave but I thought 50-70 would leave not 120. I guess I was more thinking of a more “we will keep the kids away so we can fight to protect them at our fullest potential” way of thinking then a “leave your kids to starve” way of thinking.


Honestly, I look at the kids as an investment. And by investment, I mean teaching them literacy when I only have a handful of adult bandits free.

Of course, I can say that, because my theurgy and combat runs never have any trouble collecting the necessary “freedom taxes” to keep my people fed. So feeding the kids isn’t a problem.

@Havenstone: The fact that you don’t have dictatorial control over your followers is absolutely a feature. I mean, obviously it requires some trickery and games to keep everyone on a subsistence diet when I can clearly afford better, but the individual bandits didn’t sign up to be fed crumbs just because it fits my strategy to let them get sick until the deer come.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Can someone guide me through chapter 2 with the best outcome?

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Tried to go through the game as a compassionate combat-heavy Helot (Com=2, Int=1) who romances Breden all the way through. And trusts her, naively.

If I choose to fight, I always lose the battle at the end. Is there any way to win with a Com2, Int1 MC?

I need Zvad for the battle, but I can’t keep him - even if I name him deputy and later become Chosen of the Angels. I suppose I need high charisma to convince him to stay? Nothing else will do?

As for Linos and Horion, what’s the option that brings the least amount of extra enemy soldiers on your head at the end? Holding them without ransom, or letting them go?

The only way I can win/not lose horribly is by escaping through the forest. Ultimately, that leaves me with around 320 survivors, 100 dead in total (since the start of the rebellion), around 40 anarchy, 25 mules, 1800 drachems and strong morale.

It’s a fine ending, but for my next playthrough I’d like to try meeting the phalangites toe to toe. Is winning that battle possible at all, with any kind of character, without sustaining heavy casualties and coming away with a Pyrrhic victory?

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For Linos and Horion, it’s sooorta a toss-up. You get fewer total troops if you keep them for ransom, but more of the total will be Phalangites.


Did I do something wrong or Kala can’t be romanced if I’m playing the noble route? I’d understand if she isn’t an RO for a noble MC given how she isn’t exectly a fan of nobles.


Not at all, and on that not I guess I have to apologize to our resident Tiger @P_Tigras , secret Theurge does work out better for the smart character in game 1, even if you’re not doing it to pretend to be pious, as it allows for awesome amounts of nasty tactical surprises later on. Though rather sadly it still doesn’t enable my mc to save his old father. :sweat:
In some cases the kids are assets though, particularly if you try to school some of your followers. My mc tries to school 20 adults consistently and it seems that much like with the trap-making 20 kids automatically participate too.

They also double whatever number of adults you assign to trap-making and traps can allow you to wipe out big chunks of enemy force later on and make those woods run red with blood to feed the soil. :wink:

You meanie, that’s one thing my mc can never bring himself to do. Besides you don’t need to if you get enough damned mules and keep hitting the tithe barns.


Yeah I was just wondering about the same thing, and tbh I haven’t been able to romance them at all unless my MC isn’t attracted to their gender which is kinda annoying. Do you know what you have to do to get their romance scenes?


Don’t know if it has been asked but who are the female RO’s?
also any way to save Horis?

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You pick the first RO’s [Breden] gender at the start, and the other possible two are determined by Breden. If Bredend is a girl the other two will be boys, and vice versa.

I don’t remember who Horis is ahh


Horion? Sure, you just need to take him hostage if you don’t want him to die.


I finally played through a game where I managed to defeat the army at the end. Unfortunately, I had no internet when I was trying to upload my save file so the upload failed. Is there any way to get it back, or…do I have to play through the game again?


Do you at least remember what you did?


I remember my winter actions decently okay, and I remember my stats (2 in Combat, 1 in Charisma). Other than that I remember going through the battle in a bit of a panicked haze. Hmm. Hopefully I can reproduce enough from that.


@Ramidel I find it interesting that you have both a large total number of followers and a large number of them are literate. My playthroughs tend to result in one or the other but not both. My guess would be that it is because you let them keep getting sick which reduces the amount of food you need to acquire. On the other hand, my MC’s band had a lot more assets in the form of mules which could be sold for a lot of wealth. My MC had no interest whatsoever in winning over the Priests or the nobles.

Same here. My followers are on full rations starting week 2 and sometimes even week 1.

The contrast with the numbers I manage is interesting to me. These numbers were after evading the enemy during the summer while playing a covert wisard.

This is the state of your leadership and the rebellion:

Captain Alya de Serin
Born a noble of the Shayard Rim
Self-taught Wisard

Called by your followers:
Sometimes known by the alias Lucia.

Charisma: You are reasonably persuasive and charming.
Combat: You’re unlikely to win a fight or lead others to victory.
Intellect: You’re widely read on many topics, with an excellent memory and strong reasoning skills.

You are popularly seen to be:

Ruthless: 37% Compassionate: 63%
Skeptical: 77% Devout: 23%
Homelander: 39% Cosmopolitan: 61%
Your rebellion has 336 surviving followers, including 158 adults and 178 children.
Of these, 80 are literate.
Since the rebellion began, 129 of your followers have died.
Morale among the survivors is exceptionally strong.

Wealth: 264
Arms: 226
Mules: 50
Anarchy: 35

@idonotlikeusernames In chapter 3, visiting the cave instead of the strangers reduces the number of blood phials used in Chapter 4 by 1. If you want to save Breden from Radmar, confront Breden then delay judgment. Then while facing the final 3 Plektoi, only cut your hand against the first one then fight back with all of your will, use a phial against the second, and bees will account for the third. I think if you train Yebben in wisardry he can help bring down the cavern ceiling although it kills him but I cannot remember if that is the second or third Plektos. So that might be how to avoid using any blood phials at all but I like Yebben so not an option for me. In any case, using only 1 blood phial is quite doable, @Ramidel will have to explain how to use none.


Ahh no matter what Pin tells at me for not starving too because we’re not stealing much even if I’m feeding them well