Choice of Rebels: Stormwright (XoR2 WIP)

Including at least one of their mages, I would hope.

Wouldn’t it depend on a lot of factors?
First of all Hegemony mages are presumably not adept at gradual autoplektosis in the Abhuman way that the mc may have just taken their first steps towards learning.
Cosmetic procedures done by Hegemony theurges are therefore likely less gradual and more invasive than autoplektosis where you use your own magic to slowly achieve and keep up your desired state of being. So Hegemony cosmetic procedures would probably be quicker but just like modern cosmetic surgery it is not self-surgery. Whereas autoplektosis is more like magically enhanced fitness in that it requires commitment, discipline and may take quite a bit of time to come close to your desired results.

Second the availability of healing theurges particularly of the top tier among them is presumably quite a bit like getting medical treatment in the US, the more you can pay and the higher your social status the better the quality of the care will be and the better your prognosis becomes.
As for wearing bandages to hide disfigurements due to being badly burned, I could see that happening for some of the poor but technically free urban classes and the poorer yeomen, it probably wouldn’t work for impersonating nobles or more well to do merchants or priests and helots would be harrowed for not being productive or in the case of house helots because their masters or their guests may not want to look upon them quite literally anymore. :unamused:


I noticed a seemingly empty peninsula above Nyrial. Is there anything of note there? Could we annex it?

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Frankly I already give you props for allowing the MC to transition in game at all, beyond flipping a variable at character creation. Despite the inclusiveness of the site, and the emphasis on choice, it’s not a narrative explored in many games at all. So far I think you’ve done a good job, the stuff with Jev indicates a good understanding of how all this stuff works. The stuff for the MC sparse as it is is slightly cliche (ill-fitting clothes etc) but cliches exist for a reason so it’s not really a problem. I especially enjoy the fact that the MCs head is set spinning, but they don’t immediately start transitioning. Any trans person can tell you, it’s not a decision arrived at lightly, and something that takes time to process. Hopefully we’ll see some of that ‘processing’ in Irduin.

The association of an agender identity with mythical creatures in the MCs head isn’t 100% ideal. It’s definitely a possible way the MC might conceptualize their identity, as is the religious connection I mentioned, but it’s not the only way. I think a fully human option there might be good.

Realistically, I think the biggest chance of stumbling blocks will be once other people get involved, and especially the thorny issue of transitioning in a pre-existing relationship, but that bridge can be crossed when it’s reached.

Interestingly, the etymology of the word “Magic” touches most of the major linguistic groups in the XoRverse. Seems an ideal cosmopolitan term all around, something that unifies different magic users across cultural lines, whether a Seracca Egeite, or a Karagond Theurge, or a Shayardene Wisard. “Magus/Magi” might be more appropriate than “Mage(s)” though.


I see, thanks for clarifying! (and I look forward to revisiting/testing soon)
For some odd reason, the contemplation/dreaming sections (concerning gender identity) take place long after I talk with M’kyar; more specifically, the dreaming is a dialogue option alongside fishing/learning languages/playing games with Erjan and Jev.

Thank you for your consideration; I look forward to finding out the final decision!
Perhaps a past quote (with regards to how you approach writing the “Secret Theurge” paths of G2-G5) might also be relevant in our current discussion/context: “the “gate” where I write you into a situation that can only be resolved with a public display will likely come earlier.”

How far of a “more Cosmopolitan” reputation shift are we talking about?
Complete reversal from 75% Homelander towards 75% Cosmo, or just a slight dip that tones down hardcore Homelander into Homelander Lite/neutral?

Noted, though I imagined that MC would have gotten the idea from his discussions with Phaedrx (with regards to Karagond’s Greek-inspired culture/mythology).

On Discord, somebody posted a screenshot about Abelard being uncomfortable with non-binaries (while Yebben and Elery are more relaxed about the matter). Does anybody have a link where that clarification originated?

She might go for that if it occurs to her and she thinks it could work.


Goodbye to my joke hypothesis that Chirex is Ganelon’s birth mother; you had a good run. I figured that since both were failures, and Chirex has been around Rim Square…

Well played… can’t say if this is concealing meaningful information or a troll about how secret the Kryptasts are. But I’m keeping my eyes peeled, especially once it comes time to scheme and plot and watch out for Kryptasts in Grand Shayard :eyes:

A couple follow-ups…

One detail that struck me as odd was what Cerlota calls M’kyar the very first time they meet:

Seracca sa’vewa!” Cerlota calls frantically from over your shoulder. “Peace, daughter of the plains!”

The game draws parallels between the Seracca and the Old Brauracha, before the Storms:

“So your folk see freedom differently than the Xaos-folk.”

"The Seracca care for our weak and wounded, and always have. But then, so did the Brauracha nomads who roamed these Lands before the Storms came—or so said my mentor, whose own mentor still recalled their ways." M’kyar’s eyes are luminous on yours. "The people of Braurach were always great mockers, but in those times their mockery was saved for anyone especially strong or skilled. Anyone who might set their sights on becoming a tyrant."

“Each other,” M’kyar says briefly. "Every Yega’a came together to cast down a would-be tyrant. Since then, none has tried to impose a Hegemony on us."

And even with the nomad phyles of today believing in the protection of an animal guardian spirit from “time beyond mind”: Red Kestrel, Whiskered Hawk, Blood Raven, Shard Owl.

So there are narrative parallels between the Seracca and the plainsfolk… but the way Seracca lands are described, it’s as jungle — even by Cerlota herself:

“If you are prepared to live like beasts, roaming the deserts and jungles in small bands!

Leaving the question of what led Cerlota to address M’kyar in that particular way? (And for it to work?)

(And since I’m laying all this out already, I’ll add that I’ve been looking at this question from the perspective of one fun line from M’kyar)

"Learning and discourse, traditions of change and continuing, that go back eighteen hundred years. We have built cities, and abandoned them, and built them again."

While it’s not concrete enough to reliably reason on, Jev’s recollection of the Brauracha origin myth did cause a tiny blip in my head about this.

We tell stories about Brurq the Kinslayer; when he was cast out of Nyrnakan for his crimes, he took a gang of bandits with him into the wastes. They kept going right round the Wiendish mountains

Since geographically, Kylik (and Torane) mention that the chasm-forests and mountains of the northwest are the outer limits of the Unquiet Dead’s territory: places it seems likely Brurq and his bandits would have passed through in legend (and the Brauracha migration could’ve anyway). So one, hearing both of those details, might wonder whether or not the Unquiet Dead fit into that story, and what that would mean.

Agerain survived, eventually became a full-fledged NPC in the party of escaped slaves, served as a romantic antagonist rather than a murderous one, and ended up getting a measure of redemption.

Agerain d’Aramant of all people became a romantic antagonist… that’s the biggest shock related to that story I’ve had since seeing the words “Red Kestrel” show up.

I’m inclined to agree, because the path to immortality seems paved with rivers of blood. The Seracca, with their immense understanding of the human body, can only stretch it out a few centuries — incredible, but still unable to overturn the fundamental property of death. Maybe some synthesis of Seracca ways, Archlich Ghaesh, whatever Kleitos is busy thinking about, and Talismans could produce some miracle, but I’m not holding my breath.

It originates here.


I have some questions.

  1. Will we be able to meet Mikal de Rose in future(or just any de Rose)?
  2. Will we be able to forge a deal with Hallasurq in order to get supplies(be it theurgic weapons or some more ordinary/mundane things like food) and then break it? For example when we finish off Hegemony and Hallasurq starts their advance on Erezza?
  1. Will we be able to ask Cerlota about Unquiet Death? And, speaking of them, does Xaos Storms ravage their lands(Bloodless Reach) too?

The terms that exist in-universe already are “mage/magi.” If this is slightly inconsistent, that’s because English Shayarin is a language that beats up other languages and takes their vocabulary. :grinning:


Bruh, is there any reason not to go the Bleys route when raiding the Architelone now? You get more content either way.

From what we have been shown so far maybe not, but someone has to take the fall. They might provide different benefits later in the story.

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That’s what I mean by getting more content either way. You sacrifice someone else and you get to keep Bleys or you let Bleys get sacrificed and then you meet his family in the Xaoslands (and probably get to keep dealing with Ismene/Alaine). The other routes when choosing to raid the Architelone (meeting with the alchemy merchant or meeting with those two merchant brothers in the alastor garrison, which also costs Zvad for that week) just seem like trap or redundant options.

You also take a bit of extra anarchy from the Bleys route, while working with Ismene can get you cred_a.


You sure going the Bleys route adds more anarchy? I think it’s 6 anarchy either way, and it comes from raiding the Architelone, respectively. And I’ve only ever played as a helot - can a helot even work with Ismene?

Checking: the Anarchy in my case came when I killed the Alastors.

And no, a helot can’t work with Ismene - that’s an aristo thing.

Also consider that taking out the Architelone gives aristo and merch rep, but then taking in Bleys loses you (not as much) aristo and merch rep. This makes it very viable to go the Bleys route and then let him die if you’ve been trying to appeal to the aristo and merch, and then on top of that you get more content/roleplay in Book 2, getting to deal with the consequences of your (in)actions. Bruh, just make the Bleys route canon for Xthonos’ sake.

Nah, I’m using Ismene to kiss even more aristo ass!


tfw the Sarinatou brothers aren’t even remembered as the aristos they are, even with their own achievement attached… :stuck_out_tongue: but they’re at least being remembered now.

My answer is the same as yours: it’s more game content, and it’s interesting content that fleshes out the setting and characters. It may not be meta but it’s never really been meta, even before Stormwright resurrected the Meriwether Xaos-lands thread. And while I’m excited to see how (or if) that thread continues into Irduin, seeing that the fate of their Telone seems to be in our hands, it’s not yet clear what the benefits and drawbacks are.

It’s also worth remembering that kidnapping Bleys’s family is highest risk, highest reward. Just because our rebels are guided by the Angels the fates and know exactly how to navigate to the ideal outcome, doesn’t change the fact that you can still (sometimes accidentally) murder a child, make Elery and Ciels hate you, and weaken Sojourn’s defences as a spanner in the works.

Incidentally, while it may not be in the works (given that it’s not a playtesting option), it’d be funny if the Sarinatou brothers showed up for the Season in Grand Shayard. We have a variable to track our relation to them, and for them to bemoan the discreet woodwright who never delivered.

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Will totally be showing up again. :slight_smile: In G3 if not G2. That variable is there for a reason.

Ha! A definite G3. :slight_smile:


No one innocent dies(except architelone if you spare her) if you go merchant/aristo route and you don’t get reputation penalties with them. Its also way easier to fail in Telone route

It’s not even about benefits or drawbacks. You just get more roleplay by going the Bleys route (as of right now). But a promise that the Sarinatou brothers will show up again does change things a little. Now, for that alchemical reagents merchant…