Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

I feel like the Hegemony would rather have you dead than enslave you if you’re noble born.

The problem is that they apparently cannot afford to kill too many of their nobles outright, but an unfortunate “accident” may certainly be in the future of particularly unlucky nobles. On the other hand someone being disowned is a mere family matter pure and simple and the mc’s family of hedge nobility isn’t high enough up the ladder that the Hegemony or even the Archon would have cared one way or the other.

That’s not a real valid way of des own someone. Also our father was deemed traitor by empire and with that he lost all noble status . Legally he can’t deal with what he have already lost.


I’ve always figured the disownment was always more linked to the MC’s relationship with their father rather than actual story consequences. I mean, it’s not like anyone could testify against you and have the nobles believe it.

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This may be something you will account for, but if not…if you pick Breden to be your second in command, Radmar isn’t pleased, and Breden says:
“The deaths back in Rim Square… kuria, I fear that Radmar’s right to blame my judgment. In time, I’ll talk with him, when I’ve got something to set against that failure.”

However, if you saved the helots, then it makes little sense to mention 'The deaths back in Rim Square…" However, a possible compromise could be using the word ‘events’ such as: The events back in Rim Square


@Fiogan, Firefox is running out of memory before it finishes seed 6 of randomtest, but it looks like playthroughs are coming out at around 53,000 words. Not sure how representative that is yet, though…

Just want to play through it a few more times myself before handing it over to you all to see the first complete draft. :slight_smile:


How do you determine this, again? I think you told me once but I can’t find my crib notes or reference to the answer.

So, I’m almost certainly going to regret this. But I’ve just updated the DashingDon link with a basically complete draft of the game – even though I haven’t playtested it hardly at all myself since writing the last bits last night.

I’m sure it’s still much harder than I want it to be to reach certain outcomes, and easier to reach others. I’m sure the stats are a total mess and not doing at all what I want them to. I haven’t written any new playtesting shortcuts that will drop you straight into Ch 4 with a meaningful army, so a playthrough of Ch 2 will probably be needed to really get the most out of it. And I certainly haven’t fixed all the things that people have been cataloguing upthread and in a few helpful PMs.

But, with all that suckiness acknowledged and apologized for, here you all go. Should answer a few long-standing questions, at any rate. :slight_smile:

[link removed June 2017]

And after a playthrough or two, for anyone who just wants to read the code and get a sense for what all’s there in the last chapter, here’s a convenient link:

[link removed June 2017]


Complete draft?!?!?!

I’ve been looking forward to this for … “like forever”…

:tada: :sparkler: :gift: :fireworks:



Nuns are bad with taking breaks and holding hands…

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@Havenstone Buuuu YOU ARE A BAD PERSON POOR LITTLE EVIL GANDHI You forced her to fight :crying_cat_face: With a Lacoste stick poor Mara … She just wanted to run… Also with zero anarchy and never raid also helping the merchants WHY MERCHANTS SEND A DAMN ARMY AGAINST ME…

Just to set the mood…


That takes me back…that AI was a fucking warrior.

I don’t like the battle because it feels FORCED AND WEIRD … here is Mara with ZERO COMBAT AND WHO CANNOT HANDLE a Lacoste spear a month a go could single handly Killed a Mutant with my stupid army … Nothing is credible at all BECAUSE I HAVE NO ARMY TO BEGIN WITH…

I run Then Game says nope they find you FIGHT TIME… And I had less than 30 followers sniff :sob:

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OK so first, loved the update. And I still totally adore this game. :3

Second, while I’ve only had time to play it semi-fast 2 times now, Breden always ended up dying (wah I wanted to avoid that as I had my MC romance him but I failed) but he was also present at the end scene, as if he hadn’t died.

Might have more comments when I’ve had more time for more playthroughs. :slight_smile:

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It’s been a while since I played this game…

I forgot how difficult it is to survive the damnable winter.

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So I don’t know how I killed Mutants and a mage? Alone And I only lost twenty men and all my officers are ok. So I suppose is ok. BUT YOU PROMISE ME THEY WON’T FIND ME HAVIE :sob: I did all ok I did apl I could to fly away I filled the traps all the forest and we were so few

Did the army find you, or just the hounds/Theurges? My promise applied only to the army.

Yay! I did it! Sort of anyway, hid in the woods threw off the army and fought off their hounds and now I’m taking Simon with me across the Wards, while Elery leads the rest. Also for character evolution my mc taking Simon across the wards is a risk and the ultimate test if after Ganelon’s most foul betrayal he can ever trust anyone who was born a “noble” ever again, so there’s a lot riding on how Simon is going to conduct himself out there and of course whether or not hel’ll betray my mc as much as Ganelon ultimately did. :sweat_smile:

So not exactly a resounding victory, but at least most of us are still alive to subvert the Hegemony some other day. And we’ve apparently caused Hector some further damage to his pride, which is always a nice bonus. :laughing:
I reckon my mc’s flight and delaying action into the woods has caused the Hegemony to at least waste a task-force for weeks and cost them three trained theurges and their hounds and a couple of dozen dead alastors in return for them killing maybe two dozen of my own followers and dear old dad of course, as my mc says without that bitter old man, how will he know when he’s won? On another note who will my mc eventually saddle with the rotten ceremonial position of head of the new state and hopefully Hector as a maidservant now? :worried: , which is less than the winter did and the lost theurges make it at least an uneven trade for them. Although now my mc hates that boytoy, “captain” Tychon too.

While I did not really notice or think to look for any spelling or grammar mistakes for me the play-test went perfectly and I’m looking forward to finally seeing the lands beyond the wards.


No idea Havie. I suppose only theurge and hunts. However, some posterior paragraph is confusing as hell. They will talking about the success of the army and astonishing battle against you and other stuff that supports that the army fighting me. Also Mara could not lift the Lacoste stick HOW IN HELL SHE COULD ALONE KILL THE MUTANT FIGHTING LIKE BUFFY… AND WHERE WAS MY MACE FANATICS lol Muabdid in Dune had better kamikaces. In My mind Is evil Gandhi with a broom fighting alone while some mules laugh about it with my men.
I did marched alone thankfully no more Helots!

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