I would really love to help!


Send an email to jason AT choiceofgames DOT com. Include your forum name, real name and the name of the game you want to test.


The game is absolutely amazing so far!
Nagation + Autonomy = OP-ness


Took the liberty of doing a 10,000 randomtest with the current build.

Time: 4471.844s


Can I beta test the game?


@Hylaire_Dessalines1 You have to email Jason to get access to beta testing.

Details are in the First Post of this thread.


New draft up.

I’m staggering new admissions to the beta at the moment, so if I haven’t responded to you yet, please be patient.


New draft posted!

I’ll now send out some invites to some of the pending testers.


Just sent an email with a screenshot.
It looks like some of the json files are newer than the text files of the same name.


mail sent about this particular problem, though quick question: Anyone else having the problem that the game resets once one closes the tab/browser?
I’m on chrome (desktop and phone) and it happens on both :frowning:


i just had that. thankfully i was only 2 options in as i managed to get carried away with dinner.

overall first impression is great. good story and i like the different language used. tbh im trying to find faults now just to have something but im getting into my character. ill give a more official email by the weekend. thank you for allowing me to beta test for this.


Email sent. :smiley:


Did the formatting on my last report come through OK? Was it more readable than my first?


i also sent an email the other day not sure if i sent it to the right email as i added a .com to the address provided


It’s good, though I’d prefer the logs all in one piece. But I appreciate your thoroughness and look forward to any further playthroughs.


After getting your first luxgladius, seeing the “homage” achievement, and then imagining the whole story was about squirrels…

Advanced negation magics!



i was hoping blood-money would be beta tested first, sounded more interesting to me tho this sounds cool too


New draft posted. This is most a pass on the balancing of money.


How do i copy the log from stat screen?


Copy/paste or screenshots.