Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)


You’re welcome. :grin:

Though I do want to point out that @Rohie is doing some rewrites with the story, so any events that me or another forum member inform you about is about the demo in the current state and there may be some things changes to certain events .

But I didn’t even remotely start cooing with how adorable it was that Calypso (who has a good relationship with the Bearer so far) chooses to walk side-by-side with the Bearer rather than just walk ahead of them like Sage and Santiago, even though she is quite capable of going ahead of the Bearer like the others. :blush:

Joking aisde, it probably would be a good idea to write a ‘Story So Far’ thing for the new readers, to give them a general idea about what happens up until the point of the first Trial in this current demo.

I’d write one myself but…my time on the library’s computer is almost done :sweat_smile:. So I’ll leave that to you guys.


Why don’t y’all just read the code :~)? But the story so far: The gods are dickholes. Next.


is their still the bug that poseidon is always you dad

I don’t really think it matters if you can’t get to that part in the first place :confused:

I don’t know how to do that.

Add /scenes to the link (after /mygame) and then have fun choosing which scene you want to read.

This topic also explains it:


Hello. There is an error in chapter 3,where a blond girl comes with the tray after MC had awoken. All the choices result the same error)) I can’t get through it

Can we edit in the title?

boy o boy it’s been over a year since i last visited this thread but my love for the characters hasn’t diminished at all! so i drew calypso again, albeit without her bow lol

also @Rohie , is there a post where you describe everyone and their outfits in more detail? i’d love to draw others as accurately as possible!


No she fixed that before we got this new bug.

Story so far… I’ll tell you what happens after you meet Avery. Anyone who was able to read more before the bug like I was is free to elaborate or correct me if I’m a tad wrong as it’s been a while since I been past that point.

You quickly become friends with Avery after you meet her. Whether or not you turn into something more is up to you but I’ll get to that. After resting a bit more you leave and soon find Demeter, who is also immensely kind to you. Something that doesn’t portray all the gods opinions of you, however. She takes you to a meeting with the gods, where you’ll find that Uncle Henry was actually Hades all along,and you can decide how you feel about this revelation. Zeus and Poseidon are friendly and polite, Zeus being more of the former and Poseidon being more of the latter. Ares is #instanthatred and wants you dead. Aphrodite tells you in the kindest way possible that she shares Ares’ opinion, and Hera is an instant b!tch. Hephaestus doesn’t really care and decides to bring marital problems with Aphrodite into the mess of an argument that ensues, and Hades squares up with Ares to defend you. The twins seem very sibling-like to you, and depending who your father is I guess they actually are. The good thing is, out of the whole mix, more people support you than the people that want you dead.

During the meeting you find out that you are the bearer and they decide that you should go rest in your room to help you handle this new info. There you will meet your roommate whatsher/hisface, (I forget their name), who is years younger than you but a good person to turn to if you need an excuse which is useful later on. You go to bed and wake up to find that your roommate is wonderful and left you clothes to change into other than what the hospital gave you.

-Im going to add more unless someone else does, but for now I’m at work and must go-

So…to continue, you also get to meet your aunt after the meeting with the gods. There you find out she’s actually Athena, and the reason she disappeared was because she was captured by the gods and thrown into Tartarus for kidnapping you to keep you away from the world of the gods since she didn’t want you to become a pawn to them. Again, you can pick how you feel about this bit of news, and decide to forgive her or not. Either way, your conversation ends shortly after and you get to go on a tour of the academy. THEN you meet the roommate. After your first night…first coherent night on Olympus you go to classes and there are choices that will bring you closer to or farther away from Saint, Calypso, and the others. Before lunch, you find a person out of place there, and acting odd. They go to meet up with another odd person and then when they’re alone again you can choose to confront them. If you fight he will end up killing himself but you can get some good info to tell your classmates. During lunch you almost get strangled by the sister of the boy that cornered you on the roof years ago, however she’s not possessed. She’s under the assumption that you killed him. (Depending on your choices you may have, but that wasn’t really HIM him, and it was a matter of your survival…) Your classmates get her off of you and she’s taken into another area where she can’t try to kill you.

-Taking another break-

Anyways, you get invited to a nighttime meeting with Saint, Calypso, and Adonis to discuss what is going on with the missing hunters. There, you can tell them more about what you witnessed in the hallways and there’s a romance option…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and then it time skip to a few days later where you meet the bestower, who is A LOT MORE LIKED THAN YOU. You can choose to hang with your friends, or sneak off to meet him, either way you get to meet him and you’ll have your first flashback of a previous life. You are either a scholar, diplomat, or warrior, who witnessed the battle of Troy, and you could be the one who invented the Trojan horse depending upon your choices. You were friends with the queen, and either we’re loved or hated by the king. Either way, you die when the bestower dies because your souls are united as one. After the flashback you can choose whether or not to tell Athena, and afterwards you get to meet your godly father.

-Done for now :slight_smile: Glad this is becoming popular, guys.-


their is a bug in the hospital whatever choice i do it says error what do i do

You wait for the next update that will have the bugs fixed.


I had a pretty good idea who Uncle Henry was, based off descriptions given.

Looking forward to meeting everybody.

Also looking forward to seeing how we find out who Dad is!

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I bet Hera will be even more insta-bitch if Zeus is Dad!


Just take a look at the myths about Zeus’ illegitimate children and you’ll have your answer.


“Hey, Herakles! Was Hera a great foster mother?”
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. No.”


I’ll let Kelsie finish the post, as there’s no point in ruining a good thing. As of the last update before the “Hospital Bug”, however, we don’t have any clue about Hera’s reaction. In fact, the only reaction of that sort that we could have read is from Athena and… another character (not a god/goddess, but not quite a regular demigod).

EDIT: And there’s always the FAQ in the top post, so…

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I’m quite familiar with those stories! I think Poseidon is the only one of the big three that won’t have a wife being po’d with him on Children of the Gods!

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Actually, we not even meet his wife yet even without the bug, so we don’t know for sure about that