Children of Iseir Book One: Born under a Blood Moon (WIP) [Update 4/28/24 70K words]

Children of Iseir Book One: Born under a Blood Moon

Epic Fantasy

This Page Currently Under Construction, Check Back Often

In the year 793 CE, a child is born in the remote village of Brimir's Step, nestled in the mountains of Iseir. As they grow, the child navigates the complexities of life under the oppressive rule of the Altim Empire, forging friendships, facing challenges, and discovering the depths of their own strength.

Through a tapestry of interconnected lives, the story unfolds, revealing a world of love, loss, betrayal, and the eternal struggle for freedom. As tensions rise and secrets are unveiled, the child finds themselves at the center of a growing rebellion, their actions shaping the fate of their community and beyond.

With each passing year, the stakes grow higher, and the lines between friend and foe blur. The child must learn to trust their instincts, harness their hidden abilities, and make difficult choices in the face of adversity.

In this epic tale of resilience and self-discovery, the child’s journey is one of transformation, as they navigate the treacherous path from innocence to leadership. Through their eyes, we witness the birth of a revolution and the dawning of a new era, where the power to change the world lies in the hands of the most unlikely heroes.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Book 1 of this captivating saga, where the choices you make will shape the destiny of a people and echo through the ages.

Until I set up a Tumblr page to share supplemental information on the characters, setting, and world-building, I decided to share some here for those interested. I’m placing these here with the caveat that the images were created by AI, which could be better when trying to get it to generate specific details. The characters are only close approximations. Please only view it if you want a picture to accompany the writing. The other caveat with the images is that they are of the adult characters, so your parents are roughly as they appear at the start of the story, your siblings and potential ROs appear as adults. Also, this does not currently represent all the potential ROs or secondary characters, more will be added later. Let me know if you’d like me to continue to add profiles, or if you’d rather me remove them.

Steinar Hudir-Father

Astrid Hudir-Mother

Arlan Hudir-Older Brother

Freyja Hudir-Older Sister

Potential ROs
Umma Pihl

Hollvin Pihl

Liv Lodrick

Please use the link below to try the updated story


Thank you for your support, and I can’t wait to embark on this adventure with you all.

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Hi!! Welcome back!! Is the demo just the part with the Solfred character? and Is it supposed to end with a preview of the stats for her?

Also, idk if it was also just a link to the same thing in the first one but, The second link doesn’t work.


Hi! Thanks so much, glad to be back. I realized I didn’t preface any of what I put out there, so I’ve updated the post with a state of the game. Right now Solfrid is the only playable character. She’s one of three characters in which the prologue is presented. I threw the stats and variables onto the final scene I have as a way of tracking how people are playing through the narrative. I’m hoping once I get a bit further and they matter more, I can ask people to send me a screenshot of them. Then I can tweak the structure/story a bit for balance, etc.

That second link was left over from the boilerplate, I forgot to delete it. Thanks for the heads up! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The story so far is very good. Could the woman we’re playing be the character’s mother? Eagerly awaiting new updates.


most probably n halvor the dad


Without getting too far into the plot and satisfy your need to come back and find out :rofl: I’ll say both Solfrid and Halvor are involved in the rebellion that the PC joins. Thanks for checking out the story so far and I’m excited to share more of it. Stick around.

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This sounds very interesting. I will wait until we get to our actual MC though. Good luck with the writing dear author! :slight_smile:


Yeah, this isn’t for me, I could barely get into the story,at least for now it isn’t. Either way G’Luck to you with the project @Robd5822.


I’m glad you find the premise interesting. Hopefully, when I have the systems and character creation fleshed out you’ll come back and give it a try. I’d love to hear what you think.

I’m sorry to hear that @Empress_Nightmare any particular reason? I’d love some actionable feedback if it’s something I can change or make better.


I very much like Your writing style and will be following Your progress with this game! Good luck!

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Thank you very much @Kouda! That means a lot to me, and after spending the last five hours writing the code for a stats screen :disappointed_relieved: I really needed that little pick-me-up. :grinning:


First off, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year! I hope 2024 will be happy, healthy, and fulfilling. Also, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to check out my WIP, especially those who dropped in to provide their feedback. Even though the demo is relatively short, finding out early that people love or hate something you are doing is invaluable. So, thank you again.

I did have a productive long weekend working on the project. Unfortunately, it didn’t translate into much forward progress in the narrative. But I put together the foundations for the stats screens and implemented some things that will be needed once we get to character creation. I’ll call what I have currently with the stats screen good for now and continue working on the narrative. I’ve decided to revise the prologue, shorten it to get to the good stuff, and create our character sooner.

I would like to update my original post with an ongoing change log to keep those who want to know my progress apprised. I guess I need to be a higher rank (I wonder if that’s what it’s called?) in the forums to do so. In the interim, I’ll just make one gigantic post. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Change Log

0.0.1 (Date 1-1-2024)


  1. Created variables to automatically track and update stats and proficiencies and populate the stat screens with meaningful information.

  2. I created a stat screen, which currently provides updated information about stats and proficiencies, as well as inventory and personal character information.

  3. Created and implemented basic stat screen headers.


  1. Examine proficiencies to weigh the first stat in a grouping. Separating the proficiencies in the groupings. For example, the adjusted proficiency of Hand to Hand and Acrobatics is the same. A possible solution could be to apply a +5 or +10 to the first stat in the equation; for example, Hand to Hand Adjusted would be (Body + 10) + (Grace) + (Hand to Hand) / 3

  2. Populate the encyclopedia with known facts about the game world.

  3. Populate the glossary with gameplay information. Ex. Describe the stats and proficiencies and how things are handled behind the scenes.

  4. Flesh out relationships for the player character and implement the relationship stat screen.

  5. Track character personality and compatibility with other characters. Depending on the choices made, this shapes the character’s personality.

I apologize for the overly long post, and thanks for bearing with me.


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Thank you @coal8 I’ll fix that up shortly. I appreciate the catch!

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I’m intrigued to try this but it’s too soon I’ll be waiting for a few updates to get myself hook into this wip goodluck.

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I plan to check in after MC gets involved. Otherwise id have a problem getting into the others without myself.

I dont mind POV flips like Martial Artist WIP did nor the shifts with Whiskey Four, or Forgotten One.

Sounds interesting to check back into.


Interesting and seems like it has potential but not much to judge yet.

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Thank you all for stopping in to check what I have so far. I’ll admit I probably jumped the gun releasing what I have currently. I think I was a bit like a kid wanting to show off his new Christmas gift. And, I really went back or forth with including the prologue and just jumping into the character creation. That was my original opening and I scrapped it, I hope that wasn’t a mistake. I do hope you’ll drop by again in the future when I have more to show and let me know what you think.


That wasn’t bad. Should consider submitting this when you’re done with it :slight_smile:


Oh no, you’re all good just keep it to your pace and we’ll be checking back & fourth whenever we can i already have this on my list just enjoy yourself while writing brother.