Character creation help

im trying to make a choice that can only be used if in the previouse choice you chose this #i have no talent *goto_scene weakness but i don’t know wehat to put should i put ex:
*if( str int agi dex =10)#i am very well rounded
*set str 40
*set int 40
*set agi 40
*set dex 40
goto_scene something

should it be like that if not could you tell me what to do please

I would simplify it with a single variable.
What is your talent? __#I can juggle 4 guinea pigs ----*set talent "juggle" ____*goto_scene weakness __ #I have no talent ____*set talent "none" ____*goto_scene weakness

In scene weakness, you can check the variable:

*if (talent = "none") #I am well rounded. __*set str 40 __*set int 40 __*set agi 40 __*set dex 40 __*goto_scene something

You can also use the command *selectable_if instead of *if to make the choice visible to the reader, but not selectable unless they have no talent.

(Note: For the code, replace the __ with spaces)

but the thing is there is no such thing as talent in my code
and i tried with a temp value but that dosn’t work

Add the variable to your code.

Open my your mygame.js file in a text editor and add the variable to your list. Give it a default value of “unknown” or something similar.

Variables can be of two types - those seen by the reader and those hidden. This would be a hidden stat, given a name so you can understand what it means and use it when coding. The reader will never see it unless you put it in a stat_chart.

oh ok thx
that acctualy makes it so much simpler