Chapter Title Images

In a few of the games I’ve read through (multiple times), instead of CHAPTER ONE in bold, an image is used to make it pretty. I like that idea. However, when I look for information on images, it brings up the splash screens and title images and other things that are necessary to publish the game through Hosted Games and Choice of Games.

On my end, I want to use images for chapter headings. Make them a bit prettier.

But I’m not sure what size these pictures need to be! I want it narrow but long, not taking up too much room…but enough room for the picture to catch the eye. Even if it’s “Chapter One” in a different style of writing.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Or is there already a post and I’m just really bad at finding them?

And wazzah!

I think this is the post you’re looking for.


Thanks, @moonfungus!

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