Changing Favicon, Loader, and Adding more "stat" buttons

  1. Has anyone tried this?
  2. Is it possible? (The first two I mean, Favicon and Loader)
  3. How do you do it?


Have you read ?


@Headhunter180 Ya, you can do all three. Ive done stuff that alot of people havent even attempted like I can make the stat buttons be rainbow colored and be triangles


Thank you @FairyGodfeather .
One question answered,
What about loader?


How is it done @2Ton ?
I mean the Favicon, loader,
Also how did you do that with the stat button coloring? I didn’t see an RGB for it.


in the style create your own thing for it hold on and it was mara who showed me the loader thing but hold on also im not sure about the fav icon but I know in 8 thrones it’s different.

The loader thing just find a gif and replace it with the loader in your web folder

Here are some pics of my game

and here this should help:

Oh yah and when you do all that stuff with the button you need to go to your game’s index and then put the classes as class=“button” and save then it will take effect


Did you read the whole page that I linked?
It mentions the loading. It mentions the favicon.

There’s a topic on the forums about the extra stat buttons. It’s actually preferred that you don’t do that but if you’re fiddling with everything else you might as well. I’ll get the link in a second.


Yeah, they’re all changeable; I’ve done it and it works. The easiest way is to just edit the existing pictures and not change the name - that’s the only way I’ve done it, actually, seeing as it seems pointless to mess with the names of them.

Off the top of my head, just make sure you use the same file type.